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Animation Writers Caucus awards Paul Dini

The Animation Writers Caucus of the Writers Guild of America, a group ofanimation writers represented by The Writers Guild, presented its SecondAnnual Animation Writing Award to Paul Dini at its annual meeting onWednesday, October 20. Dini is currently writing and producing BATMANBEY0ND for the Kids WB Network. "He's a very talented writer who has alwaysturned out interesting, exciting material," said Craig Miller, the Caucuschair. "His work on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and BATMAN BEYOND hashelped push the boundaries of television animation, opening it up to moreadult and thoughtful storytelling." Dini's other credits include HE-MAN ANDTHE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, TINY TOON ADVENTURES and SUPERMAN: THEANIMATED SERIES. In 1994, the Writers Guild of America, West formed theAnimation Writers Caucus to address the issues of working conditions in thefield of animation, as well as to provide a forum in which animationwriters can gather to exchange information and assist with animationorganizing. Craig Miller discusses the goals of the Animation WritersCaucus in "Better For All Concerned: The Writers Guild of America'sAnimation Writers Caucus".