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Animation World Magazine Now Comes To You Every Week!

Animation World Magazine begins the month of May with a brand new look and a brand new publishing schedule: we're now publishing every week! No longer monthly, Animation World Magazine will now be updated each and every week with the same thoughtful and comprehensive coverage of the animation industry you've come to expect on the first of every month. We'll be spreading our special features and theme-based articles across the entire month. This month we will be focusing on RECRUITING AND JOBS. What skills do you need to remain competitive in our rapidly changing digital world? From television to CGI work, what tools should you have on your resume? We will also offer three articles on animation in Australia. From traditional animation to cutting-edge special effects, Australia has a lot to talk about. Written by Stephen Lynch, these three articles will review the recent Australian Effects and Animation Festival, THE MAGIC PUDDING, a new traditionally animated feature film, and the special effects companies of "Oz." We are also going to look at DreamWorks' new comedy SHREK. Brett Rogers will be profiling and Fred Patten will be back with more anime reviews. Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman will also return with Part II of his "Walking to Toontown." Catherine Winder and Zahra Dowlatabadi will continue with another excerpt from their book "Producing Animation" as well. Event reviews will include MIP TV, Cartoons on the Bay, MILIA and more. Also, look for Will Ryan's new column, "9 1/2 Questions."