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Animation World Mag August Acrobat Edition On-line Now!

August is a full month for Animation World Magazine as we delve into thegrowing and constantly changing fields of Computer and Internet Animation.Bob Miller goes one on one with Brad Bird, director of "The Iron Giant."And Karl Cohen interviews Rob Coleman on the making of Star Wars Episode I:"The Phantom Menace." Looking to make your own computer animated short?Mike Amron discusses the cost effective software and set ups available forsuch an undertaking. On the Internet animation side of things Buzz Potamkintalks about the new media revolution, and Tom Calthrop from Smudge teachesus how to animate using Flash. Make sure you don't miss this excitingdemonstration. Plus, Lee Dannacher profiles the movers and shakers ofSilicon Alley, better known as Manhattan. Glenn Vilppu continues hison-line drawing course. Plus, Judith Cockman reviews the "Blue's Clues "CD-ROM games. Plus Maureen Furniss profiles the long awaited ACM SIGGRAPHproduced documentary, "The Story of Computer Graphics."

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