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Animation Studio Titmouse has Added Two New Execs

Press Release from Titmouse, Inc.

Beverly Hills, CA -- May 28, 2009 -- Hollywood-based animation and game company Titmouse, Inc. has announced today the addition of sales and marketing vice president Sam Schoemann along with a new creative director and head of the Titmouse Games division, Aaron Habibipour. Titmouse, Inc. was founded by husband and wife team Shannon and Chris Prynoski. Titmouse produces shorts, commercials, cartoons, and other animated works, while Titmouse Games primarily creates and produces video games and related media. Titmouse is currently producing its third season of Adult Swim's METALOCALYPSE.

Schoemann has worked on such prestigious PBS series as NOVA and THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Schoemann left the series to become director of business development for the broadcast design and production entity FUEL and in 1999 Sam served as executive director of creative services for Columbia TriStar International Television. With the emergence of the Internet, Sam left the studio to manage business development for broadcast, interactive television (ITV) and broadband engagements for the L.A. office of Razorfish. In 2002, Sam was hired to launch the entertainment marketing department of Klasky Csupo (RUGRATS), where he first met and worked with Titmouse founder Chris Prynoski. Schoemann received his MBA from Pepperdine University's School of Business and Management and brings over two decades of experience in entertainment and advertising.

Habibipour brings nearly a decade of experience in the gaming industry, during which he has worked in every capacity save for programming. He has produced two commercials with Brain Zoo Studios, both of which won awards for excellence. Educated at the Art Center College of Design and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Habibipour has worked as a concept artist, storyboard artist, writer and producer. His games include DARKWATCH, GUN, and the GUITAR HERO series. He is also a published author and illustrator, working on trading card and board games and writing and editing the book THE ART OF DARKWATCH and the Darkwatch Graphic Novel, which appeared in the May 2005 issue of HEAVY METAL magazine.

"We are psyched to have these two new additions to our stable of badasses. Aaron and Sam get our brand and have the attitude and the skill sets to blow doors and help rock Titmouse to the next level," commented Chris Prynoski, president and co-founder of Titmouse, Inc.