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Animation Mentor Launches Animals & Creatures: Master Class

Animation Mentor (, the state-of-the-art online animation school, will be accepting applications from professional animators for their new Animals & Creatures: Master Class on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

Press Release from Animation Mentor

Emeryville, CA — Animation Mentor (, the state-of-the-art online animation school, will be accepting applications from professional animators for their new Animals & Creatures: Master Class on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Leaders from the largest studios in the industry shared their thoughts on the advanced skills they look for when recruiting new animators and the stand-out shots they want in demo reels. Animation Mentor used this invaluable input to create an advanced course that focuses on animating quadrupeds, flying animals and fantasy creatures in a realistic animation style. In addition, the course covers how to effectively integrate animation with live-action footage, introducing new skills and bringing a new dimension to Animation Mentor's core curriculum.

"We aim to offer the most inspirational animation training that truly helps people build the practical skills they need in the amazing world of animation," said Bobby Beck, CEO and cofounder of the school. "It is a proud moment for us to make Animals & Creatures: Master Class available to professional animators around the world because it represents all the elements that are vital to creating a well-rounded animator. We bring together passion, hands - on creativity and phenomenal experts — and we make sure that it's a whole lot of fun throughout the journey!"

The first students to take the a dvanced course have provided strong feedback on the value of the curriculum.

"Every week of the course was full of insights that I used to keep improving my work. Everything from the mentors to the lectures kept me inspired. The course really challenged me to become a better animator," said Ijah Garfield, an animator and early student of the course. "Animals and creatures are huge in animation. So it's awesome that there's finally a place that animators can go to continue building on their technique and learn from real pros who are masters at animating the beasts."

"It's a real privilege to work with professional-quality quadruped rigs, and I have really seen the level of my animation grow through each session," said Amanda McCoy, an animator and early student of the course. "It was incredibly inspirational to learn from the experts."

Animation Mentor will be accepting applications from professional animators on Tuesday, April 12. Animators interested in learning more about Animals & Creatures: Master Class are invited to join a live Animation Mentor webcast :

Live Webcast: Animate Believable Creatures!At 1 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 12, Bobby Beck and school mentor Kenny Roy, founder of Arconyx Animation Studios, will host a live webcast and offer an inside look at the school's new Animals & Creatures: Master Class. The webcast — Animate Believable Creatures! — features two of the first students to take this advanced course. The animators will showcase the school's new cat and ogre rigs and share their industry insights on how to animate realistic predatory movements. The students will also demonstrate how their shots progressed through the course and explain the steps they took to iterate their work.

To register for the live webcast, visit

About Animals & Creatures: Master ClassAnimals & Creatures: Master Class is for animators who are passionate about telling a different kind of story — one still based on performance and solid mechanics, but with the addition of a heightened sense of reality and range of characters. Taught over two 12-week classes (24 weeks total), students in the course animate three new advanced character rigs provided by Animation Mentor.

Students in the course have access to a rich curriculum of video lectures — where the industry's top animators (mentors) share tricks of the trade by creating original animated scenes using the new Animation Mentor characters, discuss animation theory and break-down shots from feature films. Mentors demonstrate how students can apply these theories and workflow tips to their own work using current industry best practices.

Animation Mentor will begin accepting applications for its new Animals & Creatures: Master Class on Tuesday, April 12. Enrollment will be available to new students and Animation Mentor alumni.

To learn more about Animals & Creatures: Master Class, visit

About Animation MentorAnimation Mentor ( is a state-of-the-art online animation school focused on teaching character animation skills in a real-world production environment. Designed and taught by top animators working in the industry, Animation Mentor programs allow students to bring their animation school home by receiving face-to-face instruction from mentors 24 hours a day, seven days a week from all over the world. Students collaborate, network and grow both personally and professionally with support in a thriving community. After graduation, Animation Mentor coaches and helps connect graduates to their dream jobs in animation. For more information, visit

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