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Animation Gets Testy With Two New Series on Comedy Central's Motherload

Comedy Central's website will debut two broadband series likely get a rise out of its users. BAXTER & MCGUIRE, featuring animated testicles and live-action comedy GOOD GOD are the latest broadband series to join's growing slate of original shows.

BAXTER & MCGUIRE, written and created by Michael J. Weithorn, creator of THE KING OF QUEENS and writer/actor/dancer Nick Bakay, is a buddy comedy that chronicles the adventures of Baxter and McGuire close pals who never leave each other's side, because they are testicles. The broadband series was directed by Mike Blum (animated CG short films, THE ZIT, OIL & VINEGAR). It runs over eight weeks, beginning on Nov. 6, 2006.

Each week, Baxter and McGuire will grapple with the myriad issues those of their ilk must face including (a sneak peek at upcoming episodes from both series see URL links below):

* "Yer Out" Baxter and McGuire slowly creep out of their owner's shorts during an outing to Shea Stadium, hoping to catch some sun and a glance at the game (

* "Whoa Nellie" Baxter and McGuire deal with the state of near-madness induced by coitus interruptus (

* "Soccer Game" Baxter and McGuire are tossed about wildly as their owner participates in a soccer game and, to make matters worse, the soccer ball careens right into them (

* "The Date" Baxter and McGuire nervously await their call to action when their "boss" is on a date (

GOOD GOD revolves around God's workplace environment. Beginning on Oct. 26, viewers will visit the inner sanctuary of God and his staff (Gabriel Associate Archangel, Heidi Angel of Heavenly Affairs, Michael ManagingArchangel and Death Angel of Death) as they interact in storylines such as:

* "Status Meeting" God and his co-workers debate terrorists and funny hat day. (

* "Tech Upgrade" God attempts to raise his profile among the tech savvy youth (a demo in which he lacks "cred") by creating a My Space profile (

* "Office Scandal" God and his staff embark on a mission to find out who was responsible for the funk in the office restroom (

"With the launch of BAXTER & MCGUIRE and GOOD GOD, Comedy Central is solidifying its place as the premiere destination for original broadband comedy programming," said Lou Wallach, svp, original programming and development, Comedy Central. "These two new series are examples of the talent community reaching out to us to create innovative, irreverent short-form programming for the digital consumer. It is truly a compliment to the strength of the Comedy Central brand on all platforms."

Comedy Central, which launched its broadband channel on Nov. 1,2005, was one of the first network's to premiere original series online. In the last year, Comedy Central has unveiled an extensive lineup of original programming including animation, live-action narratives, topical stand-up performances and sketch comedies.

Comedy Central (, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 88 million homes nationwide. Comedy Central is owned by Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of MTV Networks.