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Animation Collective Delivers Comedy, Action and Chinese Food to NATPE 2008

Leading independent producer Animation Collective has announced that it will bring a sneak peek of the premiere episode of its new action-comedy series THREE DELIVERY (26x22) to NATPE this month.

Targeting kids 6-11, THREE DELIVERY tells the story of three teenage kung fu heroes on a quest to recover magical recipes missing from an ancient Chinese cookbook; they must battle the evil Kong Li, who wants to use their power to take over Chinatown and the world. The series has sold to YTV, BBC and Nicktoons in the U.S. and Nickelodeon Australia.

Animation Collective will also bring its growing library of titles to the market including:

DANCING SUSHI (26x1) - A hyperactive anime comedy about four pieces of fish who have escaped from the sushi bar with one dream: to become the world's biggest pop stars.

ELLEN'S ACRES (52x11) - The amazing adventures of 5-year old Ellen, her feather duster, her radial tire, and the hotel she owns (actually, the hotel belongs to her parents).

HTDT (52x11) - When all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again, they turned to Dr. Kizami Miyazaki, who did the trick with some bio-nuclear physics. Now known simply as HTDT, with the help of Dr. Miyazaki's 10-year-old son Axel and his babysitter, the beautiful assistant librarian and teen pop star Arisa, he battles the forces of evil that regularly threaten the kingdom of Olde Story.

JOLLY RABBIT (52x11) - An idiotic and irreverent high seas adventure for boys. Jolly awakens one morning to find someone has stolen his leg. Leaving the safety of his boyhood burrow, he takes to the sea and makes friends with a punk-rocking trio who are inexplicably and precariously in control of a pirate ship. Together, they have lots of adventures, made more interesting by the relentless Captain Squid.

KAPPA MIKEY (52x22) - American actor Mikey Simon joins the cast of "LilyMu," once the top-rated anime show in Japan. Though Mikey is a fish out of water, his crazy antics and style lift "LilyMu" out of the ratings gutter and transform Mikey into the biggest star Japan has ever seen.