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Animation Celebration At WorldFest Houston Festival

The 34th annual WorldFest, The Houston International Film Festival, concluded on April 28, 2001. This year, the festival received more than 4,300 total entries, with all animation categories receiving over 30 entries each. Ray Pointer, president of Inkwell Images, Inc., received the Gold Award in the entertainment category for his documentary, MAX FLEISCHER'S FAMOUS OUT OF THE INKWELL. This is Pointer's third win in a row, having won the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for producing the successful KEN SOUTHWORTH ANIMATION INSTRUCTION series. Last year, Pointer was also a finalist with his work-in-progress on Max Fleischer. U.K.s Peafur Productions AAAGH! IT'S THE MR. HELL SHOW won the Best Comedy Series Award. Other animation awards include: Animated Short Films: Platinum: SHAPES AND TUBES, Cathy Karol, U.S.A.; Gold: TIMMY'S LESSONS IN NATURE, Mark Simon, A&S Animation, U.S.A.; Silver: FIGHT BAC!, Bob Molleur, University of Georgia, U.S.A.; No Bronze Award. Animated Experimental: Platinum: A NIGHT IN THE GILMAN, Rebecca Hart, Vancouver Film School, Canada; No further awards in this category. TV commercial awards, Classic Cel Animation: Gold Special Jury Award: HEAD SCRATCH, Head Gear Animation, Canada; Gold Special Jury Award: CHEVY MONTE CARLO - PASSING, Warner Bros. Classic Animation, U.S.A; Platinum: ED, EDDY, 'N EDDY BUMPS, A.K.A. Cartoon, Canada; Gold: CHEVY MONTE CARLO - WINDY CITY, Warner Bros. Classic Animation, U.S.A. TV Commercial Awards, Computer animation: Platinum: ACTION CANNON, Atlas Pictures, U.S.A.; Gold: KELLOG'S ALL BRAN-CHART, Topix/Mad Dog, Canada; Silver: CALL RAPE-WARNING SIGNS, Lauer Cinematography, U.S.A.; Bronze: OH MY, MacWilliams Robinson, U.S.A. TV/Cable Awards: Platinum: ARTHUR, LOUSY WEEK & YOU ARE ARTHUR, WGBH, U.S.A.; Gold: WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, Discovery Channel, U.S.A.; Silver: BLACK CROW AND RED PENCIL, IIDCYA, Iran; Bronze: SHANGOUL & MANGOUL, Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Iran; Bronze: BEOWULF, HBO, U.S.A.