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Animation Block Party Announces 2012 Summerfest Program

The ninth annual Animation Block Party will run July 27-29, 2012 at Rooftop Films and BAMcinématek.

New York --

The ninth annual Animation Block Party will run July 27-29, 2012 at Rooftop Films and BAMcinématek. Only in Brooklyn, NY, Animation Block Party is the largest animation festival on the East Coast, dedicated to screening the world's best professional, student and independent work of all genres.

Tickets will be on sale at the doors to each event, but you can also buy in advance at links below to ensure a seat. All-Access ABP Weekend Passes are available via BAMcinématek, including admission to Saturday night party in the BAMcafé. In the event of rain, all outdoor events will take place indoors at the same location.

ABP July 27th

ABP 2012 opens on Friday, July 27th at Rooftop Films, located at the Automotive High School -- 50 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg. Brooklyn NY 11222.

The evening will feature live music followed by an outdoor simulcast (two big screens) on both lawns at Automotive High, featuring international cartoons, exceptional student films, world premieres and visually stunning shorts.

Doors to ABP @ Rooftop Films on July 27th will open at 8pm for live-music and the ABP screenings will start around 9pm. There will be an intermission after The People Who Never Stop.

Animation Block Party Opening Night at Rooftop Films:

ABP 2012 Intro (Dane Smith / Brooklyn / 30 seconds) Why Do We Put Up With Them (David Chai / CA / 2:29 min) Turning A Corner (David Levy / Brooklyn / 4:45 min) Leonard (Michelle Brost / MCAD / 2:47 min) Das Haus (The House) (David Buob / Denmark / 6:33 min) Nightingales in December (Theodore Ushev / Canada / 2:56 min) Rousseau and the Salmon Man (Rob Munday / UK / 5:48 min) Robots of Brixton (Kibwe Tavares / UK / 5:24 min) The Natural Order of Things (Sarah Beeby / Royal College of Art / 5:48 min) The People Who Never Stop (Florian Piento / Tokyo / 3:29 min) Alphabet Aerobics (Katy Warner / Oakland, CA – Mills College / 2:14 min) Threadbare (Brett Underhill / NYU / 4:38 min) Re-collection (Nicholas Kallincos / Australia / 3:31 min) The Deep Dark (Laura Heit / Los Angeles / 6:54 min) Silenziosa Mente (Alessia Travaglini / Milano, Italy / 5:15 min) Old Man (Leah Shore / Brooklyn / 4:59 min) In Dreams (Samuel Blain / London / 3:56 min) Well, well, well (Michael Ribeiro / Mass Art / 1:39 min) Places Other People Have Lived (Laura Emel Yilmaz / CA / 6:52 min) ABP 2012 Outro (Courtney Amber / Long Island, NY / 30 seconds)

ABP July 28th

Animation Block Party continues on Saturday, July 28th at BAMcinématek located at the Peter Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11217.

On Saturday, July 28th – there will be an ABP Animation and Art Trade Show at BAMcinématek. Festival movie tickets must be purchased, but the Saturday ABP expo is 100% free, open to the public and will run from 12pm-8pm.

Trade show attendees will include Sakura color products, Lush Comics, Greenlight Bookstore, By Brooklyn, Maorinette, Green Mountain Energy, NY Bike Jumble, Stop Motion in New York (SMNY) plus numerous craft-makers and independent vendors.

Saturday, July 28th at BAMcinématek features three different animation programs. A special screening at noon will feature Animation for Kids (also showing 12pm on Sunday). Program One / Animation Block Eclectic Mix (2pm & 6:50pm) will feature award-winning independent works, global films, comedic shorts and more. Program Two / Animation Block International Shorts (4:30pm & 9:15pm) will showcase a taste of intercontinental animated shorts of all genres and styles.

Animation for Kids Program at BAMcinématek (12pm) (also screens @ BAMcinématek at 12pm on Sunday, July 29)

Little Star’s Journey (Yi-An Chien / R.I.T. / 2:37 min) Country Buildin (David Pagano / New York / 1:14 min) My Little Friend (Eric Prah / Ringling / 2:09 min) Light the Way (Rotem Tsulker, Yoval Loven and Matan Rob / Israel / 9:50 min) Alpaca Yarn (Jennifer Stefanski and Richard Kim / MFACA / 1:46 min) bedtime (Avi Tuchman / NYU / 2:52 min) Think Brillance (Diego De La Rocha / VFS / 1 min) Dechen (Kaukab Basheer / Jersey City, NJ / 5:53 min) Jingle All The Way (Chel White / Portland / 22:21 min) La Lune et Le Coq (Raymond McCarthy Bergeron / 1:46 min / Rochester) Home Was The Sailor (Seana Kozar / Canada / 3:40 min) S.S. Keenan at Sea (Jeremy Galante & David Cowles / Brooklyn / 2:04 min)

ABP Eclectic Mix (Program One) at BAMcinématek (2pm & 6:50pm)

The Living Things (Phil Davis / Maryland / 3:19 min) Belly (Julia Pott / Royal College of Art / 7:29 min) The Forest (Brianne VanPutte / Pratt / 2:51 min) C’est La Vie (Quickdraw Animation Society / Canada / 6:54 min) Rain (Christine Chen / NYU SCPS / 1:18 min) 366 Tage (Johannes Schiehsl / Germany / 12:11 min) Sweet Gum (Zack Williams / Brooklyn / 1:15 min) Odokuro (Aurelio Voltaire / NYC / 6:16 min) Hole in the World (George Metaxas / Cal Arts / 3:26 min) Story of Him (Pascual Perez / Spain / 7:19 min) Queso Chaos (Krystal Downs / NYC / 4:06 min) Madcow (Dan Augsburger / SCAD / 2:44 min) Nature Break (Mike Hollingsworth / Glendale, CA / 4:15 min) Pet Santa (Mike Mayfield / Los Angeles / 1:07 min) Johnny Vegas (Casey Safron / NYC / 4:30 min) Cowboy, Clone, Dust (Matt Christensen / NYU / 7:13 min) Bullets for Breakfast (Mari Jaye Blanchard / Brooklyn / 2:54 min)

ABP International Shorts (Program Two) at BAMcinématek (4:30pm & 9:15pm)

Daisy (Agathe Bray-B / Montreal / 3:11 min) Helganga (Una Lorenzen / Iceland / 2:48 min) 999.999.999 (Gerald Grunow / Munich, Germany / 9:59 min) Tanika (Sheldon Lieberman & Igor Coria / Austraila / 3 min) Cumulus (Manuel Azuela / Mexico / 8:59 min) Being Bradford Dillman (Emma Burch / UK / 10 min) La Oscuridad Te Habla (Lapis Lazuli Studio / Mexico / 11:20 min) Flawless Life (Ozgul Gurbuz / Istanbul / 3:49 min) Lele (Carlos Dowling / Brazil / 3 min) Swarming (Joni Mannisto / Finland / 7:20 min) Stairs to No End (Daniella Koffler / Bezalel, Israel / 6:52 min) Moondance (Rod March / Australia / 4:58 min) The Magical Theater (Jovanna Tosello / Netherlands / 3:15 min)

The ABP Saturday Night party will take place in the BAMcafé at 30 Lafayette Avenue from 10pm-2am. It will feature comedy, art, food, free Brooklyn Brewery beer, a photo-booth and music from AHS followed by a headline appearance from Making Friendz. This party is only for attending filmmakers/media, but if you buy an all-access pass to ABP at BAMcinématek – you will have admission to this party.

ABP July 29th

Animation Block Party closes on Sunday, July 29th at BAMcinématek, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217. Animation for Kids screens at noon. Program Three / Animation Block Narrative Works (2pm and 6:50pm) will feature exceptional student films and professional content with a storytelling focus. Program Four / Animation Block Fresh Visions (4:30pm and 9:15pm) will mix global films with New York premieres and local animations.

Animation for Kids Program at BAMcinématek (12pm) (also screens @ BAMcinématek at 12pm on Saturday, July 28) See Saturday program listed above.

ABP Narrative Works (Program Three) at BAMcinématek (2pm & 6:50pm)

The Light That Died in my Arms (Alan Foreman / NYC / 2:15 min) More Than Winning (Nick Fox-Gieg / Toronto-New York / 2:45 min) Fisher (Yoram Benz / NYC / 7:20 min) Poulet Roti (Julie Charette / Concordia / 1:10 min) Bite of the Tail (Song E. Kim / CA / 9 min) How To Eat Your Apple (Erick Oh / CA / 1:30 min) Dancing with the Moon (Katherine Pettit / British Columbia / 4:59 min) Delilah (Carrie Hawks / New York / 4:04 min) Avocados (Kataneh Vahdani / Cal Arts / 5:10 min) Based on a True Story (Jacob Kafka / NYU / 6:00 min) Fiddley (Michelle Lannen / Concordia / 3:15 min) Last Call (Bevin Carnes / CA / 2:42 ) OTZI (Evan Borja / Bayside, NY / 5:05 min) Despejado (Jotoni / Spain / 46 seconds ) Don't Be Nervous (Peter Gulsvig / VFS / 3:49 min) Dr. Breakfast (Stephen Neary / New York / 7:10 min) Bear-Horse (Steve Stark / Canada / 3:45 min) Wino The Rhino (Rob Yulfo / NYC / 2:19 min) Noah's Ark (Stephen and Joel Levinson / New York / 4:49 min)

ABP Fresh Visions (Program Four) at BAMcinématek (4:30pm & 9:15pm)

1925 AKA Hell (Max Hattler / UK / 1:42 min) Happy Train (Tami Takezawa / MCAD / 2:27 min) Tio (Samuel Hayes / Jamaica Plain, MA / 4:49 min) Caldera (Evan Viera / Northampton, MA / 11:23 min) Mal Pais (Wojtek Skowron / Germany / 2:19 min) Peekaboo (Cecilia Fletcher / USC / 9:16 min) Neat Meat (Kevin Eskew / DePaul / 2:50 min) Moon Cakes (Chang Liu / China / 12 min ) Cutthroat Roundabout (Sara Gunnarsdottir / CalArts / 3:54 min) Reflection (Todd Boruff / Indiana / 2 min) Dust and Glitter (Michaela Copikova & Veronika Obertova / Slovakia / 11 min) Schattengarten (Sabra Booth / San Antonio / 1:31 min) Star Cross (Ted Wiggin / Brooklyn / 5:17 min) Red Moon (Lyla Ribot / Pratt / 3:31 min)

The closing evening after party will start around 9:30pm at Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn and features free Six Point Ale and delicious Habana corn.

Please bring movie ticket to Matchless/Habana parties for proof of fest attendance or get a wristband from ABP staff members before leaving screening venues. Must have proof of movie ticket purchase to access free beer on Friday and Sunday night.

The ABP 2012 jury includes Dan Meth, Maija Burnett and Matt Lee. Award categories are Student Film, Best in Show, Audience Award, Narrative Short, Computer Animation, Minute Movie, Original Design, Music Video, Experimental Animation and Animation for Kids.

Prizes include software from Toon Boom, DigiCel FlipBook, Dragon Stop Motion, art supplies from Sakura, designer bags from Crumpler, T-Shirts and DVDs. Winner of Best Student Films will also receive a copy of Boinx iStopMotion Pro. ABP jury awards will be announced at the day after the festival.

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