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Animation Advisors Opens Virtual Shingle

Jack Enyart, Jean Ann Wright, and M.J. Lallo have joined forces to form Animation Advisors, to address various animation industry needs.

Enyart has been a writer and development specialist for most every major animation studio in Hollywood. He worked on ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, SCOOBY-DOO, PINK PANTHER, JOHNNY BRAVO and many other TV series. His comicbook credits include LOONEY TUNES, ROGER RABBIT, TOY STORY, LION KING and many more. He may be reached at

Wright is an animation consultant specializing in preproduction: writing and development, characters, design, storyboard, recording, etc. She has a background as an animation writer/developer and animator and received her original training in all areas of animation at Hanna-Barbera. Her book, ANIMATION WRITING AND DEVELOPMENT (Focal Press, 2005), is available at local bookstores or from She may be reached at

Lallo is a voice artist, teacher, audio director and producer with a state-of-the-art recording studio offering music, sound effects and advice on all your audio needs. She has years of experience with clients like Disney, Universal Interactive, Miramax, Paramount, Fox Kids Network, Lucas Films, etc. She may be reached at

"We stand ready to assist in your cartoon career goals," said Wright.