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Animated Look at Sumatra Earthquake/Tsunami

The devastating tsunami caused by an earthquake Dec. 26, 2004, off Sumatra, 1,620 kilometers northwest of Jakarta, traveled at an average speed of 700 kph across the Indian Ocean as fast as a jetliner according to the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, it was reported by THE DAILY YOMIURI.

The institute created a computerized reproduction of the tsunami based on such information as the location of the earthquake and its aftershocks with how fault structures shifted and undersea topography; check out

The intensity of red on the graph shows the height of the tsunami, while the blue illustrates the subsequent backwash, which reached speeds of about 350 kph. Kenji Satake at the Active Fault Research Center at the institute created the animation.

AWN checked in with ASIFA-India head Bill Dennis, himself a longtime producer in India, who said hed talked with several studios in the South of India (Madras and Trivandrum) as well as Bangkok and all seem to have survived the disaster. Dennis is currently in Los Angeles and was not in India when it hit. He added that Thai studios in Bangkok were far enough inland to avoid the surge.

Wong Kuan Loong, exec director for Fossil Animation reported, We here at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are not affected except a very little shaking. The northeast part of Malaysia, especially Penang, is affected, but compared to others country, we are consider lucky.