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Animal Logic Helps Create Utopia for Pure Blonde Beer Campaign

Sydney-based Animal Logic has created the vfx for the new Pure Blonde ad campaign, collaborating with Director Paul Middleditch and Producer Peter Masterton at Plaza Films and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. Titled UTOPIA, the commercial shows the magical, mystical process of making Pure Blonde beer.

The ad features a beautiful utopian world where perfection abounds, from the stunning landscape to the beautiful blond race inhabiting it. The ad shows the brewing of Pure Blonde, from the hops falling into the pure clean stream, to its filtration through a silken spider's web carried by doves, through to its handling by blond utopians. Suddenly, this "perfect" world is interrupted when a giant 18-wheeler roars up and a burly trucker jumps out to collect the beer and deliver it to the "real" world. The blond folk are left with mud in their eye (literally) and Bambi picks up a nasty cough in the wake of the exhaust fumes.

Nearly every shot features vfx work. Animal Logic's team of artists created digital matte paintings of mountainous environments, which were composited into the majority of shots. Additionally, most shots feature digital elements such as CG hops/seed elements floating through the air, CG butterflies, spider web and blowfish, bubbles in the water and enhanced animal movements. Additionally, the team added smoke, water and mud elements, composited the logo onto the truck and added other seamless CG elements. Angus Wilson was the supervisor/lead Flame artist; Tony Cole and Howard Hill were Flame artists; Tim Quarry was CGI lead; and Ben Walsh and Michael Halford were matte painters.

The commercial began airing in Australia on Oct. 5.

Animal Logic ( produces award-winning design, animation and visual effects solutions for the film, television and advertising industries. The company has a studio in Sydney, Australia,and a production office in Los Angeles.

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