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Animacam Announces First Festival Winners

Animacam, the Spain-based online international animation festival, closed its first edition on December 21 and announced the 11 winners for 2008.

More than 160 films submitted between June and October from 33 countries were voted on. Prize money of 2,000 Euros was awarded to the following films, comprising of everything from 3D, 2D, Flash, plasticine and stop-motion. Saudi Arabia, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Comoro Islands, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela all played a part in the film submission and voting process.

Official Selection (voted on by public):

Best Publicity Animation:VIDA NOCTURNA, Cesar Diaz. Spain, 2007.

Best Animation, Short Film:LE CHENE, Pierre Paris. France, 2008.

Best Pilot for Animation TV Series:DIARIO MISTERIO, Ariel Lopez Verdesco and Caramba Studio. Argentina, 2007.

Best Animation for Mobile Phones:SNOT NEWS, Vittorio Pirajano and Monigotes Estudio 2.0. Spain, 2008.

Best Videogame Pilot:PIOPA, UNA AVENTURA DIFERENTE, Francisco Blazquez and Vector Animado. Spain, 2007.

Best Retrospective Animation:UNA HISTORIETA DE CIENCIA FIXION, Pablo Alibaud and Valpo Animacion. Chile, 2005.

Special Awards (given by festival organizers):

Campus Terrae Award:CELESC, Rodrigo Israel Guimaraes and Dr. Smith Imagen e Movimento. Brazil, 2001.

Campus Aquae Award:RAIN DOWN FROM ABOVE, Ivan Makximov and Master-film. Russia, 2007.

Natural Galizia Award:FAO, GIORNATA MONDIALE ALIMENTAZIONE, Donato Di Carlo and Dadomani. Italy, 2007.

Encourage to Read Award:BABA YAGA, Maryna Shchipak and Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg. Ukraine, 2008.

Campus Stellae Award:SPACE ALONE, Ilias Sounas. Greece, 2007.