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AniFest 2008 Calls for Entries

The International Festival of Animated Films AniFest 2008Trebon, Southern Bohemia, Czech RepublicMay 7-13, 2008Deadline: Jan. 21, 2008

The International Festival of Animated Films AniFest has announced the format for the competition of the festival's 7th edition, which will be held May 7-13, 2008 in Trebon, Southern Bohemia. Those who participated in the festival in recent years will notice some minor changes in both the structure and the names of the competition categories. Also new to the festival is a non-competition presentation of Czech, Slovak and Austrian films with active participation by the authors. This will take place under the title "CAS Presentation" as part of ProfiForum.

AniFest, the only competition festival in the Czech Republic dedicated exclusively to animated film, has become synonymous with a nearly week-long animation marathon that presents the best of Czech and international animation. At this year's festival, you will be able to see both hot new films and some unique archival animation.

Aside from the films, the professional audience and the professional public will surely be interested in the content of the festival's ProfiForum program. This year's edition brings with it a new feature that will become an annual tradition, the "CAS Presentation" -- a comprehensive presentation of Czech, Slovak and Austrian animated production from the past two years. All writers, producers and distributors of animated film are cordially invited to participate. Both the presentation and the subsequent discussion will be moderated by professionals from the ranks of prominent film theorists and filmmakers, and participation in the program is not subject to selection by any committee.

Other programs within ProfiForum that are currently under preparation include: AniDesign (an educational program focusing on computer animation, connected with workshops, presentations and seminars); Meeting the Visegrad Countries (screenings and workshops by young writers from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic); Produced by... (a presentation by prominent animation studios and an opportunity to meet their writers and see their works); and an international competition of flipbooks created by children (a flipbook is a series of cartoons drawn in a notebook, which, as you flip through the pages, appears to move).

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