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aniBOOM Launches Online Animation Competition with $50,000 in Prizes

Interactive animation company aniBOOM announced the First aniBOOM Awards. Fans of animation throughout the world will be able to vote on their favorite submissions from professional and independent participants alike and help determine the winners of $50,000 in prize money.

Submissions for all types of animation (2D, 3D, CG, Flash, Cel, etc) will be hosted on the aniBOOM website ( Starting on August 15, 2006, the full aniBOOM portal will launch and is open to the public for viewing and rating. With aniBOOMs unique rating system, it is advantageous to submit as early as possible. Twenty-five finalists (the five movies that receive the highest rating in each category) will be selected and screened. Both the general public and the panel of judges will cast their vote for the Best in each category. The five categories are; Funny, Drama, Music Videos, Experimental and Crappy.

aniBOOM has assembled a highly reputable panel of judges to participate in the voting process, including: the former chairman of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; the former president of feature animation at Warner Bros.; and the vp of production & creative affairs at Universal, Turner Pictures and Warner Bros. Feature Animation, more judges will be announced shortly. However, the real power lies in the hands of the viewers as the number of times the films are watched and the votes they receive from the audience account for 70% of the final vote.

Finally on Nov. 1, 2006, after the tallies have been counted from the judges and the viewers alike, the films which received the highest scores in each of the five categories will be awarded their prizes of $5,000. The film with the highest score across the board will walk away with the grand prize of $25,000.

Uri Shinar of aniBoom stated, Our goal for aniBOOM is to facilitate the exposure of animated films, for those with extensive experience in the business as well as those just starting out, and I think the competition is the perfect way to get started on accomplishing this. And its really only the beginning of what weve got in store for our company down the line.

The aniBoom Awards are the only animation awards competition offering the animators a revenue share deal of the advertisement on the site. aniBooms goal is to create the worlds leading cross media broadband animation hub. This new platform will consist of: original series animation, the aniBoom Awards, a variety of unique content creation tools and applications that will enable both professional and amateur animators to create and share their works, as well as get their chance to expose their talent to professionals in the animation industry, special events and competitions, and future use of the content across platforms including Web, TV and mobile.

Encouraging the development of creative and original animation worldwide, provides a portal through which animators can showcase their work and establish connections with others. Headed by Uri Shinar and a team of highly experienced colleagues all with extensive experience in the world of media and animation, the company has established the leading interactive, user generated animation content site that is at the service of the international animation community for professionals, amateurs and fans. For more information, consult

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