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Aniboom & I-play Team on Animated Games

Aniboom and Oberon Media's publishing division, I-play, the leading multi-platform casual games publisher, have partnered to create animated serial content for distribution across all possible platforms based on the game publisher's extensive roster of top casual games. The first series under development through the partnership is based on I-play's popular game, TURBO SUBS, which has achieved millions of downloads since it debuted at the beginning of 2008 as the sequel to the international casual game hit, TURBO PIZZA.

TURBO SUBS finds TURBO PIZZA characters Rebecca and Robert continuing their pursuit of building the greatest restaurant franchise in town, except now they find themselves in the much bigger town of New York City. I-play will provide Aniboom with all raw material including characters, game story and all related background, and the series will then be produced by Aniboom for mobile, online and television platforms by teaming up with animators from the network's global community of independent creators it connects with through Aniboom has brought in Chris Brown to serve as the writer of the TURBO SUBS series. Brown has written for the hit television series FRIENDS including the critically-acclaimed Year One season finale, "The One Where Rachel Finds Out," and for popular animated series such as WHAT'S NEW, SCOOBY DOO? and JOHNNY TEST. I-play and Aniboom will collaborate closely on both the creation and the distribution of the new animated series.

"Aniboom's partnership with Oberon demonstrates our commitment to seeking out the best animation-ready properties, like the characters and stories already much loved by game players around the world, and turning them into animations and cartoons that can drive revenue for Aniboom, for our content partners and for our creators community through a variety of channels--whether it be online, on cellular phones or on TV," said Uri Shinar, founder and president of Aniboom. "TURBO SUBS is going to bring fan favorite characters to life for the gamers who already know them and for new viewers everywhere, extending the reach of the franchise and offering audiences fantastic new TURBO experiences."

The news of the partnership between Aniboom and I-play complements the recent news of Aniboom's partnerships with six additional mobile entertainment distributors, expanding Aniboom's mobile reach by 200 million mobile users, and with five additional online video platforms expanding Aniboom's online reach by 140 million viewers.

"Character development and great stories are an important part of our approach to game development, so we knew how important it was to find a great partner to translate them into an animated series," said Don Ryan, SVP of publishing for Oberon Media. "Aniboom's community of independent creators allows us to connect with the best animators and writers across the globe, and to get our content out to existing and new fans wherever they want to enjoy it through Aniboom's array of cross-platform partnerships."

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