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Angelman Takes Flight with Help of Strata 3Dpro

Strata, the trail-blazing company dedicated to adding a creative new dimension to the designers toolset, plans to publish ANGELMAN, a children's book completely illustrated using Strata 3Dpro. French artist Matthieu Roussel once worked in traditional materials until he discovered Strata.

ANGELMAN concerns a retired superhero who longs to take to the skies again and the young boy who discovers and inspires him. Like Mr. Angel, Roussel also found his wings, but in the form of 3D graphics software from Strata.

"I used to be a robot drawing, painting, modeling clay, shaping aluminum, cutting cardboard, then I discovered Strata 3Dpro," he said. "It gave me total control over my creations with its intuitive environment. Furthermore, it allows me to work in new directions, expressing images matching my own way of life."

In the story, Mr. Angel toils away in his secret workshop to recreate his super suit. To bring Angelman to life, Roussel's tool of choice has helped him soar to new heights: "My productivity increased tenfold. But, more important is the flexibility. My style changes constantly, following my moods and my desires. There's an old saying 'There are no bad tools, only bad craftsmen' but I must add 'A good tool helps a lot'."

For more information about Angelman go to: see the publisher's site (French language) go to: www.editions-sarbacane.comFor more information about Matthieu Roussel go to:

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