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Andy's Airplanes Lands Ellman's IPG

ANDY'S AIRPLANES, a soaring new adventure series that captures the exhilaration of flying for children, has retained International Producers Group (IPG) as worldwide sales agent for the new property.

IPG President and CEO, Richard Ellman, is now in discussions with both international distributors and U.S. broadcasters as well as manufacturers and distributors for all ancillary rights. IPG will bring the debut animated program to MIPCOM Jr. and MIPCOM in Cannes, France this fall.

ANDY'S AIRPLANES tracks the gravity-defying, thrill-seeking exploits of a charismatic and inquisitive 8-year-old pilot named Andy as he flies around the globe with his trusty and furry co-pilot, Yaygrr the ferret. Together, they make new friends, uncover a cargo-hold of adventure everywhere they land, visit some of the most fun and fascinating destinations on Earth -- and still make it home in time to hear his mom call "dinner."

The engaging series has already "taken off," capturing buzz and accolades, including a 2008 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award and recommendations by both Kids First and the Parents' Television Council. The series' website,, also recently "landed" an Adobe Site of the Day distinction.

Developed by Andy's Airplanes, a Utah-based children's media company, the property was created by Jon Pierre Francia, a children's entertainment executive and avid pilot and flight instructor. ANDY'S AIRPLANES allows Francia to combine his lifelong love of flying and passion for groundbreaking children's entertainment. Francia was also the original producer, director and co-creator of SIGNING TIME!, distributed by American Public Television (APT), which debuted on public TV stations nationwide in 2006.

The senior partners in Andy's Airplanes, including Francia, are also the founding partners of The Entity, an award-winning interactive and brand creation agency, which leverages its expert brand management support for the property.

Targeted to children ages 2-to-8, the CGI-animated series finds "Adventure Boy" Andy taking off in various models of awe-inspiring airplanes. Yaygrr is, of course, always along for the ride.

The premiere episode follows Andy as he gets a personal tour of mega-ton aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, and meets Angel Gray, an accomplished young pilot herself. Together, the pint-sized Flying Aces take off in a pair of F-18 Hornets as honorary Blue Angels, the Navy's elite flying team. Each episode ends with a live-action visit with "Andy's Adventure Team," real life kids who travel to the actual locations Andy visits in the episode.

With series-inspired merchandise -- from a lunchbox to a full-body flight suit -- already available, the sky's the limit for ANDY'S AIRPLANES with regard to licensed toys, books, video games and apparel.