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Andy Rheingold Joins 'Space Stallions'

Andy Rheingold joins the development team for CAKE and GunHill’s Space Stallions.

CAKE and production company GunHill have announced that Writer/Producer Andy Rheingold will be coming aboard the development team for upcoming 80s parody series Space Stallions. The project is being co-developed by GunHill Ltd and CAKE. 

He will be joining forces with original creators Thorvaldur Gunnarsson and Agust Freyr Kristinsson to further develop the highly anticipated space comedy. Andy is well versed in working closely with creators on their properties, as proven by his work with Steve Hillenberg on Spongebob Square Pants and Tom Warburton on Codename Kids Next Door.

Furthermore, his writing on shows like adult skewed Beavis and Butthead, working withcreator Mike Judge, gave him an understanding of what 18+ cartoons require.

The series will be based on the spoof trailer that became a YouTube hit; the creators originally produced Space Stallions as a graduation short film before its popularity gained accolades at numerous animation festivals.

Tom Van Waveren, CEO & Creative Director, CAKE, “We’re excited to have added Andy to the team of these two talented creators, Thorvaldur Gunnarsson and Agust Freyr Kristinsson. We’re certain that he will help Space Stallions to find it’s right form and audience and look forward to that journey.”

Source: CAKE

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