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Andy Boyd Joins Framestore CFC

Andy Boyd is on board the Framestore CFC commercials team as senior technical director. Boyd joins the company after several highly successful years at Glassworks, where he worked on a broad variety of projects, from conventional CG character animations such as the Kit-E-Kat cat, through edgier avant-garde work for Chris Cunningham's Monitor-award winning MONKEY DRUMMER video, to more abstract work such as the extraordinary faux-microscopic life forms seen in the award-winning video for Bjork's NATURE IS ANCIENT.

The South African native started out working in Johannesburg for Digital Directions and then Delapse. He went to London in 2000 and joined Glassworks. He left Glassworks in 2002 for six months to work on the digital spiders that scuttle their way through HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. Deciding that the world of commercials had more to offer in the way of variety and stimulation, Boyd returned first to Glassworks and then to Framestore CFC.

At Framestore CFC (, Boyd has already worked on spots for Accura, Goodyear and Harpic in rapid succession.

Framestore CFC's steady expansion and successes have seen the company's roster increase from 130 people at the beginning of 2003 to a staff to more than 400.