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Android Apocalypse Premieres on SCI FI June 24

ANDROID APOCALYPSE is the latest SCI FI original movie, which will air June 24, 2006, at 9:00 pm and encores on June 28 at 9:00 pm on the SCI FI Channel.

Streetwise and street-tough, Jute (Scott Bairstow) is a well-liked, hard-working man. However, when he is replaced by an android at his blue-collar factory, he loses his temper. At a nearby bar he tries to take his aggression out on another android named TeeDee (Chris Jericho) in a knockdown, drag out bare-fisted cash fight in a sawdust bar ring. The cops break up the underground fight, but Jute finds TeeDee afterwards in a nearby alley where he kills Teedee. In this futuristic last city on Earth, killing an android is a crime that is seriously punished. Justice is swift and Jute is sentenced to be separated from his wife, escorted from his home across the barren expanse, and brought to the most-feared place known to mankind, Execution City, where it is rumored that humans are used for parts to rebuild other androids.

Jute is put in the back of transport prison bus, and handcuffed to DeeCee (Joseph Lawrence), an android that has always served man well. DeeCee's learned to put up with the emotional and inefficient humans and do their bidding. At first, when he and Jute are handcuffed together for the journey, he accepts the job like any other. But he's never run across anyone like Jute.

Near the beginning of their journey, the transport is attacked by mutants, leaving Jute and DeeCee the only survivors and they escape into the desert Wasteland. The environment is dangerous, as are the creatures that have learned to survive in this wild of wilds. The only way they can both make it back to civilization alive is if they learn to depend upon each other.

Special effects were by Bleeding Art Industries Inc. and Leo Wieser was special effects supervisor. Visual Effects were by Paul Saint-Hilaire, flame artist and Sebastien Veilleux, digital compositor.

ANDROID APOCALYPSE was produced by Brainstorm. Kim Berlin and Gail Tilson were producers and Meyer Shwarzstein exec producer. The original flick was written by Karl Schiffman and directed by Paul Ziller.

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