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Analog Provides VFX for CBS Rebrand

Creative studio Analog teams with Studio Hansa to complete a rebrand of CBS’ portfolio of TV channels across EMEA.


LONDON -- Creative studio Analog teamed with Studio Hansa to complete a rebrand of CBS’ portfolio of TV channels across EMEA. After the recent release of Hero, the final two idents, Reality and Drama, are now on air. The three idents, which  will be shown on all CBS channels, complete the rebranding of CBS, creating a unified image that exemplifies the diverse genres of entertainment the channels offer.

Watch Hero, below:

Reality exhibits random objects which are utilized in a series of science based experiments that trigger a reaction in a domino effect. The lab embodies the feel of suspense, action and mystery with the infusion of color.

“The challenge here was to augment what couldn't be shot on the day, any CGI had to be designed and laid out to complement the on-set art direction,” states Analog VFX supervisor Mike Merron. “From the outset we knew the rose was going to be an entirely CG shot, a great opportunity and challenge for the small team.”

The final spot, Drama, presents three frozen scenes of definite genre held together by colored strings. The strings reflect the CBS image as well the aura of the scene, as the characters are literally “hanging on a string.”

The process of creating the idents took on a categorical schedule in order to amalgamate the range of VFX. Matt Chandler, 3D and Fluid Simulation supervisor talks about the VFX the Analog team used in the CBS Idents: “It’s always exciting to meet the challenge of creating fully realized CGI sequences like Hero, but we had a variety of details, enhancements and considerations to create across the three idents. Numerous fluid simulations, fire, smoke, rigid bodies and cloth were all created to complete the narratives.”

The release of these idents is highly anticipated after the successful release of Hero, which has been featured in the globally acclaimed Stash Magazine and Broadband TV News. The three idents will be shown on all CBS channels.

Watch the Making of Hero, below:

Source: Analog

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