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Amy Winfrey Premieres New Web Series Squid and Frog

Press Release from Amy Winfrey

LOS ANGELES, April 22th- Independent animator Amy Winfrey debuts a new series SQUID AND FROG. The web series, available at is an innovative blend of flash animation and puppets.

The two main characters, Squid and Frog, sing songs about lessons they have learned the hard way such as "Don't Use Butter Sticks as Skates" and "You Can't Learn Surgery From Television." Squid and Frog also recite "Haikus of Regret."

These animated shorts cover such important subjects as the dangers of using a toaster to get a tan, and keeping bees as pets. New haikus are coming out every Thursday. A new song, "You Can't Mail Pie in an Envelope" is debuting in May, and more songs are planned to premiere monthly.

Amy Winfrey has been creating animation for the web since 1998, including the popular web shows MUFFINFILMS, BIG BUNNY and MAKING FIENDS. MAKING FIENDS is now also a full length television series on the Nicktoons network. The Nickelodeon produced TV series debuted in October 2008, and quickly became the channel's highest rated original program. All Winfrey's web series are available at