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Amputee Chicken Co. Starts Up in Bristol

New animation studio, Amputee Chicken, has launched with its first short film, IF I HAD A HAMMER. Downloadable from the Web (, IF I HAD A HAMMER is now set to make the festival scene worldwide in the coming months.

The film was a huge challenge for us, said Andy Bean, founder of Amputee Chicken. We wanted it to be our marker in the sand stating who we are and what we stand for. A lot of British animation seems to be very conversation based essentially a couple of people having a chat great to animate but not so great to watch. For us, the narrative was all-important, we wanted to engage the audience and entertain them for the entire five-minute duration of the short. We knew it had to be dynamic and grab the audience by the throat in the first minute and not let go it had to be the sort of story that could only be told in animation.

Bean describes the look of the short as, "think Cosgrove-Hall meets eighties. We were going for a style of animation reminiscent of the kids shows we grew up with, combined with a cinematic, comicbook sensibility. We werent overly concerned if the animation was a little bit jerky, thats what gave many of our childhood favorites their distinctive personality. We wanted it to look a bit homemade and be a little rough around the edges. A lot of CGI is far too polished.

Whats next for Amputee Chicken? Were already working on a number of ideas that we hope to develop as a childrens television series. Were keen to talk with co-producers or companies with a proven track record in providing animation for television. We think we can bring fresh ideas and a raw hunger that might be lacking in some of the more established companies.

Bristol-based Amputee Chicken was formed in May 2006 as a boutique studio specializing in animation with a strong emphasis on narrative and character.