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American Distributors Get Involved With Cartoon Movie

Cartoon Movie (March 15-17, 2001, Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany) is the European market for animation feature film. The annual event is put together by the AEFA Cartoon (European Association for Animated Films), which has been organizing the Cartoon Forum, the co-production marketplace for TV animation, every year since 1990. Cartoon Movie gives European feature film producers the chance to meet and exchange ideas, even create co-production partnerships. Increasing the attending number of feature film distributors, as well as international reach for European animated feature film, is a high priority for the third edition of Cartoon Movie and, for the first time, a US delegation of acquisition/distribution executives will be attending the event. Led by Ron Diamond, AWN's Co-Founder and Publisher, the U.S. delegation will be composed of: Lori Nahama, Director, Family Home Entertainment, Artisan Entertainment; Hugh Rees-Parnall, Universal London; Todd Schwartz, Manager, Acquisitions and Production, Artisan Entertainment and Catherine Winder, Vice President, 20th Century Fox Animation. This year, Cartoon will also launch the Cartoon Movie Tributes, in order to reward companies or personalities that have given a real inspiration to the European industry in the past three years. The following Cartoon Movie Tributes will be given: Most European Company: A.Film, Denmark; Best International Enterprise Strategy: Aardman, UK; Strongest Involvement In An Animated Feature Film: Cecchi Gori, Italy; Best Director/Producer/Distributor Cooperation: "Kirikou;" and Best European Distributor For Animation: MFA Distribution, Germany. For more information contact Alexandra Tholance, press officer at Tel.: ++ 33 (0)680 255-239; or E-mail:; or Annick Maes at: Tel.: ++ 32 (2) 242-9343; Fax: ++ 32 (2) 245-4689; E-mail:; or Web: