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AMD Speeds Up Production, Management, Delivery Of Digital Media

At NAB, AMD demonstrated growing momentum for AMD64 technology adoption in broadcast and digital media pipelines for the production, management and distribution of digital media content.

Solutions based on the proven design of Dual Core AMD Opteron processors and open, PC standards provide high performance-per-watt, low latency, high scalability and lower power consumption, making it the ideal choice for companies large and small in the digital media industry. At NAB, AMD is showcasing numerous customers, ecosystem solution providers and end users whose AMD Opteron processor-based systems are breaking down performance barriers while helping realize reduced power and cooling requirements.

"The transition from analog to digital-based media is accelerating and is being greatly simplified for companies that have discovered the unique advantages of Dual Core AMD Opteron processor-based solutions," said Marty Seyer, svp, commercial segment at AMD. "Not only is AMD64 technology replacing expensive proprietary hardware systems, its unique high-bandwidth, low latency characteristics and low energy requirements make it the best open-standard processor technology available today. AMD is behind some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry helping to transform digital content creation and production."

Using AMD Opteron processors in the datacenter can take up to 69% less power than similarly configured competitive platforms and can result in significant cost savings. Coupled with the leading edge scalability of AMD64 processor-based platforms, digital media producers and service providers can meet today's needs without breaking thermal budgets.

Digital Media Management and Delivery advances featured in the AMD Booth SL-555 at NAB include:* Verizon Business: Digital media platform, using AMD Opteron processor-based servers, offers comprehensive digital media services including transcoding, delivery, distribution, storage and media management. World-class scalability offers current Verizon Business customers future migration to HD while controlling hardware and energy costs to the digital media platform.

* Omnibus Systems: Standardizing broadcast automation ITX software-based production and transmission systems on AMD Opteron processors for handling multiple feeds and formats to schedule, manage and deliver content for cable providers, news outlets and other broadcasters

* Savvis: Standardizing their Content Delivery Network (CDN) architecture and Content Exchange product on AMD Opteron processors for quality broadcast content delivery and management

* Modulus Video: High-performance MPEG-4 AVC encoder solutions leverage AMD Opteron processors to deliver HD and SD content using minimum bandwidth for IPTV, VOD, cable and satellite customers

* Digital Rapids: Stream software for real-time simultaneous multiple format content transcoding runs 25-40% faster on AMD Opteron processor-based systems versus competitive platforms

* Telestream: Television station, cable network operator and post-production house customers can transcode massive volumes of content using Telestream's FlipFactory transcoding products up to 30% faster on AMD Opteron processor-based systems

* Agnostic Media: Dual Core AMD Opteron processor-based systems enabling a 2x increase in raw database performance to help rapidly deliver content. Customers seeing more than 6x increase in transcoding speeds running Agnostic's GridCoder software

Digital Media Creation and Production advances highlighted at AMD's NAB Booth include:* Adobe/Cineform: AMD Opteron processor-based systems achieve break through performance for realtime editing of multiple streams in HD and Cinema 2K formats. The CineForm Prospect HD video processing engine and codec extends Adobe's Premiere Pro 2 editing suite's features and performance

* Angstrom Microsystems: Demonstrating four-way and two-way Dual Core AMD Opteron processor-based server blades used by Blue Sky Studios for animation and visual effects rendering

* Autodesk Media & Entertainment: Developing its most advanced system products on Dual Core AMD Opteron processors. Will be demonstrating at NAB the industry standard Discreet Flame software for realtime visual effects design and compositing running on Linux

* BOXX Technologies: Announced at NAB the BOXX APEXX 8 workstation - featuring 8 Dual Core AMD Opteron 800 Series processors (16 cores total) in a single workstation; the world's most powerful x86 workstation puts the muscle of a render farm at the digital artist's fingertips.

* NewTek: 64-bit 3D application LightWave(R) v9 and new SpeedEDIT software running on the BOXX APEXX 8 workstation combine to create the world's fastest video editing solution

* PhaseSpace: Motion capture hardware/software solution running on AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processors feed Autodesk's MotionBuilder application for innovative motion analysis and character tracking

* Verari Systems: Demonstrating NemeSys workstations, and also bare render blades based on Dual Core AMD Opteron processors that are used by Sony Imageworks.

Advanced Micro Devices is a leading global provider of innovative microprocessor solutions for computing, communications and consumer electronics markets. Founded in 1969, AMD is dedicated to delivering superior computing solutions based on customer needs that empower users worldwide. For more information visit

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