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Amazon Studios Unveils TV Development Slate

Amazon Studios, the production arm of retail giant Amazon, has named its first four television series projects in development.

Amazon Studios, the production arm of retail giant Amazon, has named its first four television series projects in development, according to a report from Kidscreen.

The 100 Deaths of Mort Grimley, from creator Angel Castillo, is an animated primetime comedy with a hell of a premise: Mort Grimley, new to the Underworld after accidentally taking his own life, is offered a deal; get Hell’s numbers up and maybe get a transfer out (and up), or face eternity in fire and brimstone.

Doomsday, from creator Nathan Thomas, is mockumentary following an ensemble of diverse characters as they ready themselves for the supposed end of the world.

Magic Monkey Billionaire, from creator Diana Wright, sets up an epic animated showdown. When their wealthy magician owner suddenly dies, his two animal assistants — Rabbit and Monkey — are shocked to learn that Monkey alone has been left his billions, soon unleashing the ultimate forces of good and evil as former friends turn to arch enemies. 

Frank Suarez and Clark Stubbs are the creators of Buck Plaidsheep, a preschool series that chronicles the adventures of a courageous little sheep named Buck at Fleecy Farm.

Amazon Studios intends to add projects to its Series and Movie Development Slates on a regular basis. Anyone interested in submitting a series idea for development can visit for details.

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