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Alphanim announces new productions

French production company Alphanim's RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT, a series,co-produced with Cinar, about a group of three friends who travel the worldseeking out paranormal phenomena, will begin airing on the Fox FamilyChannel on Wednesday, July 14, 1999. Alphanim, which was created in 1997 byChristian Davin, has announced a number of new television series that arein production or development.

In production:

SPACED OUT is a family sitcom created by P. Colin-Thibert and J.C. Islert,and designed by J. Van Rijsselberge. It is about the Martin family livingon a space station far out in space. It is scheduled to air on Englishlanguage Cartoon Networks in late 2000. X-DUCKX/CANARDS A L'EXTREME is acomedy co-produced with Cinar, created and designed by J. Van Rijsselberge,developed by N. Gallet and T. Barnes in collaboration with Malibu,California-based Main Brain. It is about two ducks, the hip Geextah and theslack Slax, who engage in extreme sports such as skyboarding off the EiffelTower, mountain-biking down the Grand Canyon, and extreme snackin' from theconcession stand. POE - LITE/LES HISTOIRES EXTRAORDINAIRES D'EDGAR ALLANPOE. This is a spine-tingling, yet amusing series about the young EdgarAllen Poe and his friend Roger, a talking Raven, who live in a Gothic 18thcentury city.

In development:

DELTA STATE, co-produced with Sunshine, is a half-hour animated sci-fiaction series about four slacker anti-super heroes in their early twentiesliving in New York City. They use their supernatural powers against theRift, a mysterious force that seeks control of the collective unconscious,and with it our minds. G-SHIFTERS is an action-sci-fi series created bySean Catherine Derek, Douglas Gayeton, and designed by Liberatore. It takesplace in 2099, a time when genetic testing has created scores of previouslyunimaginable animal and plant hybrids that threaten life as we know it.THAT'S LIFE/C'EST LA VIE (provisional title) is an educational seriescreated by V. Dumont and J.L. Horwitz with L.D. Rabby and J. Boyle, anddesigned by H. Gittard. It follows the adventures of a group of kids whoare trying to find answers and solve problems in their own unique way -with sometimes bizarre results.