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Alone No Longer: Army Of Two

The highly anticipated third-person co-op shooter from EA Montreal has arrived: ARMY OF TWO, Electronic Arts announced Wednesday.

The game will be on retail shelves on March 7 in North America and Europe. Launching on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, ARMY OF TWO is a brand new action experience that throws gamers into hot spots ripped from today's headlines.

ARMY OF TWO redefines co-operative online gameplay as players seamlessly move from an A.I. partner to live players.

Gamers will battle it out online as they advance through six intense levels in the two-player co-op campaign mode.

Players can also go for bragging rights by determining which team is the most deadly military outfit in two-on-two team battles in four distinct multiplayer versus maps.

Unlike other co-op games, ARMY OF TWO not only focuses on winning, it's about getting paid.

As ex-Army Rangers now turned contractors for a Private Military Corporation, players spend their hard earned cash on more accurate and deadly customizable weapons.

Players can use special co-op features to complete their paid missions including the new and unique Aggro feature that ensures their partner goes unnoticed when approaching enemies.

Dependent on the intensity of their gunfire, distance, line of sight and type of weapon, players can put the enemy's attention on one player while the other plans a sneak attack to take them out.

ARMY OF TWO has been rated M by the ESRB and 18 by PEGI.

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