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Allegro Non Troppo Soars on DVD

In a mutiny of color and music, master animator Bruno Bozzetto offers his irreverent tribute to FANTASIA with ALLEGRO NON TROPPO (Home Vision Ent., $29.95). Transcending parody, this delirious animated feature from 1976 represents Bozzetto's vision of the world. In six distinct episodes, fantastic cartoon creatures march, slither and bounce to the classical rhythms of Debussy, Dvorak, Ravel, Sibelius, Vivaldi and Stravinsky. Perhaps most entrancing is the visualization of Ravel's "Bolero," in which the dregs of a Coke bottle set forth a frenzied animal evolution across a surreal landscape. Maurizio Nichetti (THE ICICLE THIEF, VOLERE VOLARE) stars in the equally wild live-action sequences that introduce each piece.

This new digital transfer with optional English subtitles also contains 10 short films by Bozzetto and I MONDI DI BOZZETTO, an Italian television documentary that includes interviews with Bozzetto and Nichetti.