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All-New Tom & Jerry Short Hits U.S. In April!

The all-new TOM & JERRY short, "The Mansion Cat," which aired on Cartoon Network UK during New Year's, will hit Cartoon Network's Boomerang Network on Sunday, April 8, 2001. Produced and directed by Oscar winning TOM & JERRY creator Joe Barbera, the new toon will be part of Boomerang's TOM & JERRY marathon running from Sunday, April 1, 8 am through Monday, April 9, 8 am. "The Mansion Cat" will air on the hour every hour starting Sunday, April 8 at 8 am. During the marathon, Boomerang will air 160 TOM & JERRY theatrical cartoons and nearly 45 hours of Tom and Jerry television programming from the MGM and Hanna-Barbera libraries. The new seven-minute toon, co-directed by SYLVESTER AND TWEETY veteran Karl Toerge, will have Tom wreaking havoc in a fancy mansion in an attempt to nab his long time rival. The mansion owner will be voiced by none other than Joe Barbera. "We simply couldn't dream up a more fitting first-year anniversary for Boomerang than a comprehensive tribute to Bill Hanna's and Joe Barbera's first collaborative effort, TOM & JERRY," says Mark Norman, senior vice president and general manager of Boomerang. "Tom and Jerry are arguably the most popular cartoon characters across the globe. To this day, they remain one of the top five programs aired on each of the Cartoon Network channels offered around the world. And since Boomerang is an entire network devoted to classic animation, primarily shorts and series created by Hanna-Barbera, this extended marathon presents a perfect opportunity for kids and adults alike to enjoy the antics of their favorite cat-and-mouse team."

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