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All About Buzzco Associates!

"(it was...) Nothing At All" has gotten into more festivals. The film was shown in Bristol, Hong Kong, Schemi d'Amore, Palm Springs and the New York Animation Festival. And Brazils Anima Mundi has asked for it to be included in their permanent touring collection. "InBetweening America," Candy Kugels homage to Saul Steinberg, was also shown in Palm Springs and at the World Animation Festival in Los Angeles, and the New York Film Festival will present it on October 5 and 6 paired with "The Royal Tennenbaums." Buzzco has also done on-air promotion for Nick Jr. and HBO Family's new segment "Jam," a tag for Fischer-Price toys, See 'n Say, and some work for Sesame Workshop's Elmo's World home video. And they are developing an idea for a feature-length animation for adults. New in "None of Your Beeswax," Buzzcos monthly conglomeration of humorous drawings and cartoons, is "Piscis," the companys first made-for-flash movie. "Piscis" is available in two versions--English and Italian. However, Italians objected to Candys original ending so the Italian version ends differently!

BUZZCO ASSOCIATES, CANDY KUGEL AND VINCENT CAFARELLI are also profiled in the Animation Showcase, AWN's slick online gallery. With over 200 images and 25 clips, these three brand new galleries are showing the diversity of the studio's work, from commercials to shorts and other indie projects.