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Alioscopy Autostereoscopic 3-D Displays Join Autodesk Gallery and Showrooms

Press Release from Alioscopy USA

SAN FRANCISCO -- Alioscopy USA, a 3D visualization technology provider, today announced that its innovative 42" LCD autostereoscopic 3D display is now a part of the design collection in the prestigious Autodesk Gallery at One Market in San Francisco, California. Built to celebrate the design process of its customers, the Autodesk Gallery at One Market features more than 20 different exhibits that highlight the vast range of inspiring designs, from cathedrals to giant LEGO dinosaurs.

The Alioscopy autostereoscopic 3D display supports Autodesk 3ds Max software (with planned future support for Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Softimage software) and Autodesk Toxik software -- allowing artists and technical directors (TDs) to create and composite autostereoscopic 3D content -- extending creative and business horizons.

Visitors will be able to view real-world examples of immersive, startling and entertaining autostereoscopic 3D animations and images on the Alioscopy LCD display -- without wearing any type of 3D glasses. Just by viewing the Alioscopy 42" LCD display (3DHD-42), guests will quickly comprehend how the Alioscopy multi-view technology offers 3D artists and creative studios a whole new business-to-business (B2B) platform. A special lenticular lens, attached to the LCD display, completes the autostereoscopic effect. The Alioscopy technology opens new frontiers for digital signage, advertising, medical and design visualization, gaming, concerts, trade shows and events -- and even a way for cinemas to promote upcoming stereoscopic 3D films in the lobby, without having to issue 3D glasses.

"Alioscopy is thrilled to join the Autodesk Gallery at One Market, where content producers and businesses looking for new ways to display their ideas can see and 'almost feel' dazzling autostereoscopic 3D images and animations," said Philippe Roche, CEO of Alioscopy USA. "The high volume of stereoscopic 3D films hitting theatres this year is driving an unprecedented demand for the same immersive 3D digital display and gaming content -- outside of the movie theatre. Alioscopy is also building a community of preferred content developers who can extend their 3D skills via our Customizable Template program, offering multi-purpose templates that can be used and re-used for highly differentiated, immersive and attention-getting autostereoscopic content," added Roche.

Alioscopy Also on Display in Los Angeles, San Diego, Montreal and New YorkAutodesk, Inc. also has the Alioscopy displays installed in its Venice, California and Montreal, Quebec offices. Alioscopy USA also has a showroom at their offices in San Diego, California, and with Worlds Away Productions in New York, NY. Please contact Alioscopy directly to schedule a sales visit or demonstration.

Learn MoreTo learn more about Alioscopy, the autostereoscopic 3D process, or how to join the Preferred Content Producer community program, visit: