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Alias|Wavefront Makes 3D Computer Graphics Available To All

Alias|Wavefront has made a personal-use, non-commercial version of its award-winning Maya software available free to users of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Maya Personal Learning Edition 3D animation software can now be downloaded from the Alias|Wavefront Website. Maya Personal Learning Edition gives 3D graphics and animation students, current industry professionals, and those interested in breaking into the world of computer graphics an opportunity to explore Maya Complete software in a non-commercial capacity. Maya Complete was used to produce visual effects and character animations for the Oscar nominated films LORD OF THE RINGS, PEARL HARBOR and SHREK. To provide support to users of Maya Personal Learning Edition, a Web-based resource center is available that provides access to learning materials, discussion forums, content exchanges where users can share work and download free sample files, and galleries in which users may exhibit their projects. The resource center is located at Maya Personal Learning Edition may be downloaded free of charge at By the end of March, CD copies will be available from the Alias|Wavefront online store, at a cost of US$5 plus shipping and handling.