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Alias|Wavefront Launches Maya 4.5

At New York's MacWorld Expo,Alias|Wavefront announced Maya 4.5, the seventh major release of itspopular Maya 3D animation software. With this new release, Maya forMac OS X will be synchronized with Maya on other supported hardwareplatforms. Current Maya for Mac OS X users will benefit from asubstantial number of feature additions and enhancements includingnew modeling tools, integrated 3D Paint, multi-processor support forrendering and numerous UI and workflow enhancements. "Maya 4.5 forMac OS X is proof of Alias|Wavefront's continued commitment tounparalleled innovation for Macintosh users," stated Alias|Wavefrontpresident Doug Walker. "The release features an enormous number ofdevelopments across every aspect of the product based on feedbackfrom some of the world's best 3D artists. Sales of Maya on the Machave been extremely strong to date, significantly exceeding even ourhigh expectations; and so, we are very proud to share the innovationsof Maya 4.5 first with the talented artistic community gathered atMacWorld New York." Maya 4.5 is expected to ship by the end ofSeptember 2002.