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Alias|Wavefront Expands Third Party Developer Program

Alias|Wavefront, an SGI company, has started a third party developer program the Conductors Program - offering three levels of participation, to help what the company sees is a strong surge in developers seeking to create plug-ins and other complementary add-ons for Maya and StudioTools software.

The 'Conductor' level membership is the program's premium offering for developers of commercial third party products, who are primarily in the business of creating plug-ins to use with Maya. For an annual fee of $1,999, the Conductors Program includes four seats of Maya Unlimited or StudioTools software, full hotline technical support, beta software access, participation in the bi-monthly newsletter, access to a members only Website with API knowledge base access, a product catalog page on the Alias Conductors Web page and other co-marketing activities.

The new 'Semi-Conductor' level membership is for third party developers of both commercial and non-commercial plug-ins, scripts, especially those creating plug-ins for their own use or who ensure data compatibility with other applications that work with Maya and StudioTools software. For an annual fee of $999, Semi-Conductor offers up to three seats of DesignStudio or Maya Complete software, participation in the bi-monthly newsletter, the members site and API knowledge base, catalog Web page and other co-marketing activities.

Alias is now introducing a new free level in the 'Conductor Community' for developers who want support while working on and sharing information about products and applications using Maya. The Community level offers members site API knowledge base and Maya and StudioTools software branding for members' Websites.

"Immersion Corporation greatly appreciates a well-organized developer program that affords easy access to tools, software licenses, support and customers," said Greg Belaus, senior director of Immersion's 3D and professional products group. "With the help of the Conductors program, we were able to achieve a successful on time launch of MicroScribe Connections for Maya."

For more information on the Conductors Program or to sign up as a Conductor, please visit Started in 1999, the Alias|Wavefront Conductors Program, is one of the most successful third party developer programs in the computer graphics field, with more than 90 members developing a wide array of market specific applications compatible with either Maya or StudioTools software.