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Alias|Wavefront To Develop Maya For Intel's IA-64 Processor

Alias|Wavefront announced that they would be developing a version of their

Maya software for Intel's forthcoming IA-64 Itanium processor, and

Microsoft's 64-bit Windows NT operating system. The IA-64 operating system

uses a 64-bit architecture and offers the robust performance required by

data-intensive 3D visualizations and computer graphics. Alias|Wavefront is

among the first software developers to port their software to Itanium, and

in doing so it will allow its customers to take full advantage of the speed

and flexibility IA-64 has to offer. Alias|Wavefront's Maya will be

certified on workstations from a number of industry leading hardware

vendors who have announced plans for the production of IA-64 systems.

Itanium will be released in the second half of 2000, no doubt along with a

newly optimized version of Maya.

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