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Alex Ross art auction will benefit UNICEF

Comic book artist Alex Ross will debut a limited edition lithograph fromthe DC Comics graphic novel SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH at the Warner Bros.Studio Store Gallery at the corner of Fifth Ave. and 57th St. in New YorkCity on June 10, 1999 at 7 pm. The book tells the story of Superman'sefforts to alleviate world hunger. Sixteen pieces of the artwork to beauctioned at Sotheby's later in June will be on display at the same WarnerBros. Studio Store from Sunday, June 6-Saturday, June 12. Ross will donateall proceeds from the auction to the U.S. Committee for UNICEF. Entitled"Peace on Earth," the lithograph recounts the unforgettable origin andamazing powers of Superman. It was created by Ross and Paul Dini, who willalso be in attendance at the debut. Each piece is signed by Ross and Dini,and comes with a soft cover edition of the comic book. Warner Bros. StudioStores will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of thelithograph to UNICEF. The lithograph has an edition size of 350 and retailsfor $425. Alex Ross studied illustration at the American Academy of Art inChicago, and worked as a storyboard artist before entering the comic bookfield. He is best known for the Marvel Comics miniseries MARVELS (1993) andthe DC Comics miniseries KINGDOM COME (1996). While still a college studentPaul Dini began writing for television in the early 1980s on Filmation'sHE-MAN and SHE-RA series. He also wrote for Warner Bros. Batman seriesbefore branching out into comics with the Batman graphic novel, MAD LOVE,which featured Harley Quinn, a character that originated on BATMAN: THEANIMATED SERIES.

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