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Albie Hecht Launches Biggies Broadband

Albie Hechts new content development company, Worldwide Biggies Inc., has formed a new division, Biggies Broadband, to develop and produce original multi-platform content, syndicated websites and broadband channels aimed at the young adult and family entertainment audience.

The division is already involved with Virgin and Cranium with details on these projects to be announced soon. Former president of Nickelodeon and Spike TV Hecht said he believes digital media has become a hotbed of new, creative talent, akin to the talent that helped lead the animation rebirth of 1990s.

The multiplatform space is where I expect to find the next SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, said Hecht, ceo of Worldwide Biggies. I look forward to identifying and working with young and new creative talent that will lead to the development of the next crop of character franchises.

Part of Biggies Broadbands development and character acquisition strategy is to invest in young creative stars and potentially take a position in their studios. It will also work with partners and clients to establish new models for IP creation and multiplatform revenue generation.

Worldwide Biggies, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, is a new digital media content company to create content that cuts across all the traditional and emerging distribution platforms from developing and producing animated features; hi-definition (HD) movies and television series; direct to DVD series and broadband and mobile content aimed at the family entertainment audience. Worldwide Biggies has a childrens programming development deal on Nickelodeon and produced the Video Game Awards on Spike TV, which Hecht created during his tenure as the networks president. Additionally, the company is producing its first theatrical CG feature film, PLANET ONE, with Ilion Animation Studios from a script written by SHREK and SHREK 2 writer, Joe Stillman.