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Al Jazeera Gets Prehistoric

Arabic broadcaster Al Jazeera has adapted Barcelona-based Cromosoma's kids series about a young dinosaur for its children's channel, C21 MEDIA reports.

Al Jazeera bought 12 episodes of TOM, marking the latest addition to Cromosoma's output deal with Al Jazzera Children's Channel (JCC). Previous acquisitions include THE TRIPLETS, JUANITO JONES, MINIMAN and THE BABY TRIPLETS.

The companies worked together to modify the series in accordance with Arab cultural and social standards, although some episodes were excluded in the interest of creative integrity.

Al Jazeera intends the Cromosoma series to bring learning, understanding and respect for cultural diversity to its audience. The earlier series THE TRIPLETS introduced Western figures such as Agatha Christie and Van Gogh, and explored stories from Western culture. TOM's peripatetic dinosaur will introduce Arab children to well-known Western geographical locations.

The series is a co-production with EBU, BBC, France 2, France 3, Rai, TVE, RTBF, TSR, TSI, VRT and ZDF, on which channels the second series will premiere in the coming months.