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AIAS announces interactive achievement awards

On Friday, May 14, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS),created to advance and recognize outstanding achievement in the interactivearts, announced the recipients of its second annual Interactive AchievementAwards. The awards were presented at an event held May 13 at the VarietyArts Theater during the Electronic Entertainment Exposition in Los Angeles.ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME (Nintendo of America/Nintendo Co. Ltd.) won sixawards including Interactive Title of the Year, Adventure Game of the Year,Role Playing Game of the Year, Console Game of Year and for OutstandingAchievement in Interactive Design, and Outstanding Achievement in SoftwareEngineering. HALF-LIFE (Sierra Studios/Valve) captured awards for ActionGame of the Year and Computer Game of the Year, and BANJO-KAZOOIE (Nintendoof America/Rare) was honored as Action Game of the Year and OutstandingAchievement in Art/Graphics.

Among the other winners are: Disney/Pixar's A BUG'S LIFE ACTION GAME,Disney Interactive/Traveller's Tale, Children's Entertainment Title of theYear; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAPS, Broderbund/National Geographic Interactive,Family Title of the Year; Sid Meier's ALPHA CENTAURI, ElectronicArts/Firaxis Games, Strategy Game of the Year; STARSIEGE TRIBES, SierraOnline/Dynamix, Inc., Online Action/Strategy Game of the Year; GAMESPOT,GameSpot Inc., Entertainment Site of the Year; CNN.COM/COLDWAR, CNNInteractive, News/Information Site of the Year.