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Agency's Client Roster Grows to 10

The Ashy Agency has expanded its 2006 client roster, while concurrently showcasing a new corporate logo and identity branding system for itself.

Launched in 2005 by marketing communications veteran Brett Ashy, the agency quickly made a name for itself, repping high-end broadcast and new media design firms. Its roster, since last year, boasts the Los Angeles-based 5-x-b, Buck and Engine Room, plus the New York City-based Freestyle Collective. The Ashy Agency has just added new clients Blissium, Helix, and Roger, all based in Los Angeles, and nailgun*, Newspeak and Nth Degree all based in NYC. The Ashy Agency also represents Engine Room in the areas of live action and visual effects.

"My main goal when creating this agency was to bring about a collection of the strongest design, animation, 3D, visual effects and live-action studios this industry has to offer," commented Ashy. "Each company I've chosen to represent is comprised of incredibly talented people, and, most importantly, people who are highly skilled at handling the day to day expectations of their clients. In the last 10 years of my career, I have come to realize that the best way to treat and keep clients is through honesty and reliability. I've worked very hard to find studios that share my ideals regarding these attributes."

"The job of finding great talent in broadcast and new media design has always been daunting," said Ashy. "Broadcast, cable networks, videogame manufacturers and advertising agencies spend a lot of time calling in reels. My goal was to provide our industry with an easier alternative, by collecting and submitting high-end reels of responsible companies. Having spent so much time in this industry, I also listen very keenly to what potential clients are looking for, hear their concerns and note what special capabilities they are seeking."

Ashy recalled that his agency's initial branding in May 2005 was born out of a race against time. "When I first launched and branded my company, I had only a month to get both my agency and my clients to the Promax/BDA conference in New York," he said. "A very talented designer named Peter Crandall worked with me to develop a logo and identity that could be printed very quickly and be ready for the conference. During this 2006 incarnation of my client roster, I now wanted to take some time and develop a mark that had color and would stand out among other logos. Roger, one of the studios that I represent, came up with the dynamic "A" diamond logo, the design of my website and all other collateral marketing materials. "

For 2006, Ashy is implementing a marketing blitz for his agency, as a new portfolio, including a "QuickLook" DVD with its clients' montages on one DVD, along with 10 full company DVDs, will hit the desks of approximately 200 broadcast and new media executives within the next two weeks. Ashy said, "The portfolios will be delivered in a black box, and are designed to impress the attributes of The Ashy Agency as soon as the recipient opens it up!"

The Ashy Agency represents an array of broadcast and new media design, animation, live-action and visual effects studios, which provide their services to broadcast and cable TV networks, video gaming companies and emergent technologies industries. The Ashy Agency ( is located at 8060 Melrose Ave, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90046; phone is (23) 782-6924.