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AFX Releases SceneGenie 1.4

Autonomous Effects (AFX) recently released version 1.4 of SceneGenie for 3D Studio MAX their powerful match-moving plug-in suite for the award-winning animation package. Version 1.4 continues to enhance the no-measurement match-move capabilities of the CameraGenie portion of SceneGenie, which combines fast feature tracking with a fast computational core to produce 3D matches in minutes. New features include a powerful new Master Tracker panel that tracks many sensors simultaneously, with automatic monitoring features; four new tracker flavors with outstanding stick-to-it-ness, even as the feature spins, tilts and changes size; new real-time playback and scrubbing capabilities with MAX objects, trackers and 3D points overlaid on the zoom-able and pan-able image; and an exporter for motion-control cameras, such as Milo. SceneGenie 1.4 is available now at US$995, and free for registered users. An upgrade to SceneGenie for MAX 4 will also be free of charge.