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Affiliate Site Updates: Animha Productions And SAFO

- Complete Site Redesign for Animha

Animha Productions has completely redesigned their Website on AWN. The newsite has information on the organization, workshops such as"Suspended Animation" and "Eyes of Fire," cool clips from variousprojects, and the latest news and information about activities andhappenings within the organization. Animha is an association ofartists, writers, animators and filmmakers based in the NorthernRegion of England. Animha works in partnership with schools,colleges, community groups and arts organizations to increaseaccessibility for people of all ages and abilities to the world ofanimation and the Internet. Through its commitment to communitybased arts programs, Animha provides access to film, video andcomputer animation for people of all ages and abilities in animationworkshops that combine hands on experience with theory. Visit theAnimha Productions Website at

- New SAFO 01 Hotel and Advertising Information

The 2001 Ottawa International Student Animation Festival (SAFO 01)has just published a complete list of hotels and other accommodationinformation, as well as detailed information about the differentoptions and rates available to festival advertisers. Mark yourcalendar and make your plans to attend the event this coming October18-21, 2001 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.