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'Adventures in Zambezia' Takes Flight

CMG announces the initial theatrical results of their film “Adventures of Zambezia.”

Beverly Hills, CA -- Cinema Management Group (CMG) announced the initial theatrical results for their 3D animated feature Adventures in Zambezia from its first 15 territories of release. The feature came off a strong weekend in Poland, opening to an audience of over 75,000 and bringing in nearly 1.5 million PLN. Additionally, in Poland, the film beat out Wreck-It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians and Life of Pi and was the #1 animated film over the weekend.  

In the Russia and Ukraine regions (CIS) alone, the film has grossed $5.5 million. South Korea was another huge market, bringing in over $3 million. South Africa has been the third largest market so far, bringing in just under $1 million. In Israel the film has grossed over $ ¾ Million and in Portugal the film has been held over for another week topping $500,000.  

Over the coming months, the film will be released to 16 more territories, including the Netherlands, Italy, Australia & New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, the Middle East, China, Colombia, and more. The film grossed has grossed $12.5 million worldwide so far.

“We’re thrilled with the numbers we’re seeing from abroad, and we believe it’s a sign the sky’s the limit for a film about birds!” said CMG President Edward Noeltner.

In addition to these great numbers, CMG’s new Sales Exec, Daniel Bort, joins the team with over 20 years of film industry experience. Bort operated as the U.S. Executive of the Spanish studio Filmax, overseeing all aspects for a variety of departments that included production, sales, and publicity.  Bort has produced multiple films, as well as starred in and written for a number of TV series in his native Venezuela. Additionally, he has done production and directing work for his self-founded theater group “El Grupo.”

Adventures of Zambezia focuses on the amazing bird city of Zambezia, led by wise and battle-tested Sekhuru (Leonard Nimoy). Young falcon hero Kai (Jeremy Suarez) leaves his remote outpost against his father’s (Samuel L. Jackson) wishes, in order to join the prestigious Hurricane defense flyers, who are fiercely trained by Ajax (Jeff Goldblum) to patrol the skies, keeping Zambezia safe. Kai’s father goes after him but is captured as the scheming iguana Budzo (Jim Cummings) conspires to attack the sanctuary. Kai and soul mate Zoe (Abigail Breslin) will need to gather all their flying skills, along with a big dose of diplomacy, to save the city from Budzo’s deadly plot.

Source: Cinema Management Group