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'Adventure Time: The Suitor' Available May 6

Nickelodeon announces the release of Adventure Time: The Suitor on disc May 6,  featuring 16 full-length episodes.

Cartoon Network has unveiled details on the latest home entertainment release from its smash hit animated series, Adventure Time! Featuring 16 full-length episodes that highlight fans’ favorite characters from the Land of Ooo – including the titular episode “The Suitor” which focuses on Princess Bubblegum – the Adventure Time: The Suitor DVD will be available on May 6, 2014. The DVD also features eye-catching packaging that highlights Peppermint Butler, one of the most popular and hard-working members of the Land of Ooo. The DVD is the latest addition to Cartoon Network’s enormously successful home entertainment franchise that includes both episodic and full-season DVD and Blu-ray releases. With nearly three hours of content, Adventure Time: The Suitor will have a pre-order date of April 1, 2014.

Along with a “Little Did You Know” character gallery bonus feature, the list of episodes included on the Adventure Time: The Suitor DVD is:

  1. The Suitor
  2. Shh!
  3. Another 5 Short Graybles
  4. Wizards Only, Fool
  5. Be More
  6. Sky Witch
  7. The Vault
  8. Red Starved
  9. Hug Wolf
  10. Beyond This Earthly Realm
  11. King Worm
  12. Morituri Te Salutamus
  13. Heat Signature
  14. Blood Under the Skin
  15. Marceline’s Henchmen
  16. James Baxter the Horse

As the Adventure Time home video franchise continues to grow with this sixth volume release, as well as the first three season set releases on both Blu-ray and DVD, so too does the brand’s overall consumer products program. Adventure Time fans of all ages can find an impressive assortment of top-selling product across a wide range of product categories and retailers, including apparel and accessories, publishing, toys, comics, interactive games, posters, virtual goods and much more. With more than 13 million engaged Facebook fans, continued critical acclaim and strong ratings success for the series, which currently completed its fifth season on Cartoon Network, there is a tremendous amount of excitement and momentum around the brand, proving it’s always Adventure Time!

Source: Nickelodeon

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