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ADV Three New Acquisitions At Otakon

ADV Films has acquired the exclusive home video and broadcast rights in North America for three new anime properties, including the brand new supernatural action series, VENUS VERSUS VIRUS; the sci-fi series, MOONLIGHT MILE; and the stand-alone feature, JING, KING OF BANDITS: SEVENTH HEAVEN.

ADV execs Matt Greenfield and David Williams made the announcement today, (July 20, 2007) at Otakon, the east coast's largest anime convention and the second largest in North America.

These three new properties joins 14 other acquisitions announced over the past three months, including new series DEVIL MAY CRY, GURREN LAGANN, THE WALLFLOWER and WELCOME TO THE NHK and the feature film, 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND.

VENUS VERSUS VIRUS -- From veteran director Shinichiro Kimura (MABURAHO, BURN UP EXCESS) and the production team at Studio Hibari (NERIMA DAIKON BROTHERS) comes an exciting new adventure title rife with monsters, mayhem and Gothic Lolita heroines with plenty of 'tude! VENUS VERSUS VIRUS first aired on Japanese television in January 2007. Based on the hit manga series, this hot new series is an action-packed treat for fans of UNDERWORLD, CHRONO CRUSADE, and other high-energy supernatural actioners.

Demons, known as "Viruses," are shells of men and women, sad yet fearsome beings cursed with an insatiable hunger for human souls. The only thing keeping the innocent alive are the Venus Vanguard, an elite group of hunters tasked with the extermination of Viruses. Lucia is their top killer -- cold, calculating and a deadly shot. Fate shines on Lucia when her path crosses Sumire Takahana, a young student with the ability to become a living anti-Virus. The problem with the Vanguard's newest recruit is that when she enters into a rage, there's no stopping her.

This 12-episode series will be released over three DVDs, with the first one tentatively scheduled for a November release.

MOONLIGHT MILE -- From the production teams at Studio Hibari and Imagica (AZUMANGA DAIOH, PEACEMAKER) comes a new series chronicling the exploits of two young adventurers on their journey to conquer the stars. MOONLIGHT MILE first aired on Japan's WOWWOW television network in February of this year. The series quickly gained notoriety for its sophisticated plot and nuanced characters. MOONLIGHT MILE separates itself from other space operas by grounding itself in a believable environment with realistic situations.

In the near future, the world's energy supplies are depleting, and Earth must look to the skies for a solution. When Helium 3 is discovered beneath the surface of the moon, the International Space Agency is formed in an effort to exploit it. Joining the Agency are Saruwatari Gorou and "Lostman" Jack F. Woodbridge, two of Earth's greatest adventurers. Challenges lie along the way and secrets have yet to come to light for Gorou and Lostman as they begin their journey to harness the world's next energy resource.

Release plans for MOONLIGHT MILE are TBD.

The standalone feature, KING OF BANDIT JING IN SEVENTH HEAVEN, is the latest installment in the fan-favorite franchise. Directed by Hiroshi Watanabe (MYTHICAL DETECTIVE LOKI RAGNAROK, SLAYERS) and animated by the production team at Aniplex (RUROUNI KENSHIN, GURREN LAGANN), this feature brings the King back in a new action-packed adventure along with a cast of familiar friends and faces, as well as one fierce new foe.

Jing is the infamous King of Bandits. There is nothing he can't get his hands on once he sets his mind to it, except this time he may be in for more then he bargained for. Along with his feathered friend Kir, Jing finds himself in Seventh Heaven, the most dangerous and notorious prison complex in the world. Within its walls sits the Dream Orbs, treasures of extraordinary power and value, and Jing wants nothing more than to get his hands on them. However, the orbs are in the possession of the villainous convict Campari. Now, Jing must work his finesse to escape both the Seventh Heaven, as well as the dream prison that Campari has begun to create around him. It's his greatest challenge yet, so come join Jing as he secures his title as the King of Bandits once and for all.

The JING, KING OF BANDITS DVD will be released in November 2007.

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