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ADV Releases Anime & Manga Titles, Roddenberry's Andromeda on April 20

ADV Films and ADV Manga will be releasing five new manga and four new anime titles as well as the third season of GENE RODDENBERRY'S ANDROMEDA on April 20, 2004. ADV Film's anime DVDs will include AURA BATTLER DUNBINE, KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC, MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI and WEDDING PEACH. ADV Manga's titles include ARIA, Volume 1 of 3, THE RULER OF THE LAND, Volume 1 of 31, TO HEART, Volume 1 of 3, AZUMANGA DAIOH, Volume 4 of 4 and FULL METAL PANIC! Volume 4 of 5.

The fifth volume of AURA BATTLER DUNBINE is titled RETURN TO BYSTON WELL. Selling for $19.98, the release is DVD-only, containing four complete episodes. Includes both English 2.0- and Japanese 2.0-language versions, with English subtitles. Extras include a production portfolio; clean opening and closing animation; and ADV previews.

AURA BATTLER DUNBINE was first broadcast in Japan in the mid 1980s and is widely considered one of the finest "golden age" of televised anime titles. Based on by creator and director of GUNDAM Yoshiyuki Tomino's novel WINGS OF LIN, the series chronicles the crew of the Zelerna as they are trapped in a bloody war filled with powerful mechanical robots and weaponry. The toon was by Sunrise Animation.

The third volume of KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC is titled OUT OF THE ARENA. This series is 40-episode version of the 1980s classic fantasy-action anime series SAINT SEIYA. ADV Films will release the titled on DVD for $14.98 and VHS for $9.98. It contains four complete episodes in English 2.0. Closed captioning is available on VHS and DVD releases. It also includes ADV previews.

Edited for broadcast by DIC Ent., KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC premiered in August 2003 on the Cartoon Network's Saturday night lineup. Based on a manga by Masami Kurumada and produced by Toei Animation, the series follows the Bronze Knights as they fight the Black Knights who have stolen the gold cloth from Princess Sienna's tournament.

The fourth volume of MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI is titled THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. In the finale volume, Sasshi and Arumi go to "Holly-weird" where the homesick duo run smack dab into a revelation that could change their lives forever. The series is the creation of GAINAX, the production studio behind NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI was directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, WINGS OF HONNEAMISE) and co-produced by Madhouse (VAMPIRE HUNTER D, NINJA SCROLL).

MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI: THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (SRP $29.98 DVD) is a DVD-only release, containing three complete episodes in English- language 5.1, Japanese-language 2.0, with English subtitles; anamorphic widescreen. Extras include AD Vid Notes; outtakes; commentary with Jessica Boone, Luci Christian and John Gremillion; clean opening and closing animation; and ADV previews.

The second volume of WEDDING PEACH is titled PLUIE'S WAR. Based on a manga by Sukehiro Tomita (SAILOR MOON), Nao Yazawa and Tenyu, with animation produced by KSS, includes POKÉMON film director Kunihiko Yuyama and SAILOR MOON character designer Kazuko Tadano. The show follows Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku as they are once again called upon to save the world from Raindevila's wicked plans. WEDDING PEACH: PLUIE'S WAR (SRP $29.98 DVD) is a DVD-only release, including six complete episodes in both English and Japanese language versions, with English subtitles. Extras include: clean opening and closing animation, a reversible cover and ADV previews.

GENE RODDENBERRY'S ANDROMEDA, SEASON THREE, COLLECTION FOUR (SRP $39.98) is a DVD-only release on two discs, containing five complete episodes (episodes 314 to 318). Presented in anamorphic widescreen in English 2.0 audio and closed captioning. Extras include meet the cast: Lexa Doig; meet the director: Allan Harmon; deleted scenes; design gallery; TV promos, behind the scenes: stunts and fights; stunt training footage; and Gordon Michael Woolvett's Gags & Bloopers. The Gemini Award-winning and Saturn Award-nominated sci-fi series is based on writings of the legendary writer, producer, and creator of STAR TREK. ANDROMEDA is produced by Andromeda Prods. Ltd. in association with Tribune Ent. Co. and Fireworks Ent. Inc.

In manga releases, the first volume of ARIA begins the adventure of young Akari Mizunashi after she moves to Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua (formally known as Mars) and discovers her dream to become a full-fledged Undine and to have a gondola of her own to ferry down the rivers of Neo-Venezia. Created by Kozue Amano, the 184-page black-and-white manga will sell for $9.99.

The first volume of THE RULER OF THE LAND is ADV Manga's first Korean graphic novel release. Swordsman Bi-Kwang and the protectress of the Sword of the Flowers, Hwa-Rin, lose their treasure to Sang-Pil "Gold Cobra" Jin and his men. As they regroup to retrieve it, they learn that a third group, Master Yoo and the Black Serpents are also seeking it because it is the key to finding Hwa-Rin's grandfather -- the greatest fighter of the land. Written by Jeon Keuk-Jin and illustrated by Yang Jae-Hyun, the 200-page black-and-white manga will sell for $9.99.

TO HEART follows shy high-school girl, Akari Kamigashi, as she tries to win the heart of childhood friend Hiroyuki Fujita with the help of her spunky android and wannabe maid Multi. Created by Ukyou Takao, the 176-page black-and-white manga will sell for $9.99.

The final volume of AZUMANGA DAIOH brings to an end the adventures of a group of Japanese high-school girls as they take a trip to sunny Okinawa, where Osaka plays with sea cucumbers and looks for something to eat. Created by Kiyohiko Azuma, the 184-page black-and-white manga will sell for $9.99.

The fourth volume of FULL METAL PANIC! follows Sosuke as she becomes torn between her long-time crush Kaname and pretty exchange student Tessa, which only gets worse when terrorists start shooting up Sosuke's apartment, holding Kaname and Tessa at knifepoint. Written by Shouji Gatou and illustrated by Retsu Tateo, the 168-page black and white manga will sell for $9.99.

Formed in 1992, ADV Films is the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation to the North American market. In addition, ADV Films' product line has expanded to include other forms of genre programming, including live-action science fiction. ADV Films' parent company, A.D. Vision Inc. also publishes NEWTYPE USA, the premier anime and manga monthly in the English-speaking world, and operates Anime Network, broadcasting anime and anime-related programming via digital cable. ADV Films is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with additional offices in the EU and Japan. For more information, visit

Specializing in Japanese and other East Asian comics, illustration books and graphic novels, ADV Manga is the publishing division of A.D. Vision Inc. More information is available at

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