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A.D.V Films releases more anime for fans

A.D.V. Films is releasing the following anime titles in the US. On November9: MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO VOLUME 1 - INVASION! - An unorthodox crewfights to save Earth from annihilation by Martians; COMPILER 2 - It'sCompiler versus Compiler in deadly showdown!; and ORIGINAL DIRTY PAIRVOLUME 4 - Kei and Yuri stumble upon a child who is the sole survivor of amass murder committed over twenty years ago. November 23: BUBBLEGUM CRISISVOLUME 2 - TRIAL BY FIRE - Sylia's brother Mackey joins the team as thewhole town goes up in flames; and THOSE WHO HUNT ELVES CHAPTER 4: GHOSTLYENCOUNTERS - Take a trip with your favorite elf-strippers and find out whathappens when the hunters become the haunted. December 7: MASTER OFMOSQUITON, THE VAMPIRE 2 - Find out what happens when you love a vampire;and SORCERER HUNTERS VOLUME 6 - ARCANE REVELATIONS - The boundaries betweenreality and fantasy completely disappear when the Sorcerer Hunters gettrapped inside an enchanted book where anything that can possibly happendoes. All of these titles will be released in both English dubbed andJapanese with English subtitles. A.D.V.'s Softcel division, whichspecializes in titles with nudity, sex, and adult situations, is releasingthe following titles: October 12: CAN CAN BUNNY 2 - Everywhere he goesKenta finds his path strewn with willing women who fall into his arms.November 9: COUNTDOWN: AKIRA PART 2 - What will Akira's stepsister thinkwhen she returns home to find her precious little brother the burningdesire of every woman in town? December 7: CAN CAN BUNNY 3 - Thanks to alittle magical nudge from Suwati, the mortal she's in love with is scoringwith every woman under the sun, but what about the lovelorn goddess?; andCOUNTDOWN: AKIRA PART 3 - She's back! After many long months spent modelingin Europe's most fashionable showplaces, Akira's stepsister is finallyhome. But she's not alone.