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ADV Films Announces December 28 Releases


NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PLATINUM: 04 is the popular series -- directed by Hideaki Anno (NADIA: THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER, HIS AND HER CIRCUMSTANCES); produced by GAINAX (FLCL), NAS (YU-GI-OH!) and TV Tokyo (SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN); and animated by Production I.G. (GHOST IN THE SHELL) and GAINAX.

Betrayals and revelations erupt across NERV when Unit 01 falls prey to a terrifying new Angel. Swallowed by a living shadow, Shinjis mind begins to collapse as bizarre hallucinations assault his sanity. As Ritsuko debates destroying both the Eva and its pilot, Kajis allegiance comes into question and Misato finds herself trapped in the middle. The discovery of what lurks inside a top secret hanger to shake anyones faith in Mankind.

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PLATINUM: 04 ($29.98) is a DVD-only release, including five complete episodes in both English 5.1 and Japanese 5.1 language versions with English subtitles. The volume is housed in an exclusive metallic finish slipcover. Extras include: clean opening and closing animation; commentary with Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield; full length animatics for episode 15; 12-page profile booklet filled with screen shots, That Little Red-head Girl and ADV previews.

Additionally, the first volume of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: PLATINUM EDITION is available as a Collectors Edition, which includes the Volume 1 DVD with an exclusive metallic finish slipcover and an custom series art box to house all seven volumes. Extras include: one-of-a-kind numbered decal; profile booklet filled with screen shots, Japanese commentaries and character profiles; Episode: 01 commentary by ADR director Matt Greenfield; Episode: 02 commentary by Matt Greenfield and Spike Spencer (Shinji); clean opening and closing animation; and ADV previews ($39.98).

ROBOTECH REMASTERED: NEW GENERATION COLLECTION 2 VOLUME 7 is the final volume of the newly re-edited and re-mastered series from ADV Films, which includes an exclusive action figure. The collection features never before seen footage and a fresh, clean digital transfer of ROBOTECH from the original 16mm film stock.

Scott Bernards courageous band of insurrectionists makes their way to Reflex Point, the site of the protoculture matrix and ground zero for the final battle between the Robotech forces and the Invid. But getting to Reflex Point is no easy task, as our heroes will have to cross treacherous terrain in unpredictable climates, evade the ever-present threat of the Invid, and contend with the mounting tensions and frustrations that threaten to tear their patchwork family apart. With both sides of the conflict fighting to preserve their respective ways of life, those caught in the midst of battle will be forced to make dramatic, desperate choices before the final shots in the Robotech Wars are fired.

ROBOTECH REMASTERED: NEW GENERATION COLLECTION 2 VOLUME 7 ($29.98) is a DVD-only release, including 12 complete episodes in both English 5.1 and Spanish 5.1 in a two-disc set, which includes an art box fitting both discs and an exclusive limited edition Super Veritech Morpher collectible that transforms from robot to spacecraft plus offers a power-packed pull back motor. The audio has been restored and remixed to create the highest-quality sound experience. New footage featuring scenes cut from the original broadcast version of ROBOTECH has been added, including new opening and closing credits and eye catches, creating a never-before-seen version of this seminal adventure series.

BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040: ESSENTIAL ANIME COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 features the bodacious babes of the Knight Sabers as they wage war with the evil machines of the Genom Corporation.

Chaos reigns as the Knight Sabers war against GENOM moves out of the shadows and into the streets in a spectacular orgy of destruction! But the real horror is yet to come, for underneath the ruins of old Tokyo, a long buried secret begins to awake, setting the stage for the ultimate nightmare!

BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040: ESSENTIAL ANIME COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 ($19.98) is a 2-disc DVD-only release, including nine complete episodes presented in English 5.1 as well as Japanese 2.0 and Spanish 2.0 with English Subtitles. Extras include: voice actor commentary, character sketches, vehicle technology, voice actress profiles, clean opening and closing animations and ADV previews.

WEDDING PEACH: BLACK HEART, based on the hit manga by Sukehiro Tomita (SAILOR MOON), Nao Yazawa and Tenyu, was produced by KSS, known for such other animated comedies such as HAPPY LESSON and OH MY GODDESS!

With love in the air and romance beginning to heat up, even Jama-p is getting into the act as he meets up with an old childhood friend. Yuri and Yanagiba spend some time kissing in a boat, but Queen Raindevila sucks them into her vortex of destruction. Can the Love Angels survive? And what about poor Momoko? Will their love persevere, or will evil conquer in the end?

WEDDING PEACH: BLACK HEART ($29.98) is a DVD-only release, including six complete episodes in both English 2.0 and Japanese 2.0 language versions, with English subtitles. Extras include: clean opening and closing animation, a reversible cover and ADV previews.

In the 12 years since its inception, ADV Films has become the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation (anime) for the North American market and has also developed a leadership position in the U.K. Parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., encompasses a multitude of complementary media divisions, spanning publishing, television, licensing and merchandising and continues to expand into new areas. Headquartered in Houston, the company has offices in Europe and Japan. For more information, visit

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